1966 German TV Series 'Space Patrol and Starship Orion'

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    Hi all sci-fi modelers,

    Here is something really nice;
    When I was just a young teenager in the middle of the 60s, there was a very dramatic and impressive black & white German sci-fi TV series going in Swedish Television - 'The Adventures of the Spaceship Orion' or 'Space Patrol' ('Raumpatrouille' in German) - the main feature, around which the events took place was the gigantic flying saucer-shaped space ship 'Orion' (rings kind of familiar these days, doesn´t it?), which used to take off from an undersee base at the bottom of the ocean. In this tomorrow-world, the continents, as we know them, have seized to exist and all the inhabitants of planet Earth live together (without any nations or boundaries) in vast cities on the ocean floor.

    To commemorate this amazing spaceship and TV series, German model designer Marco Scheloske, in 2003, designed and released a wonderfully detailed replication card model, with the original telescopic combined crew lift and landing tower pod (doubling as an elegant display base). Here is a link to the free download 'ORION superfast space cruiser' model: http://www.starshipmodeler.com/tech/ms_Orion.htm

    For those of you who understand some German, there are fan sites (yes, this was and IS a CULT series in Europe!), fan forums and other related sites.
    Here is a translated page that tells you a little bit about the series and of the various characters of the crew of the Space Patrol: http://www.orionspace.de/ww/de/pub/english.htm

    I have started to build this amazing model - in a slightly up-scaled version - but I haven't finished it yet. The fit of the parts is perfect so far, though.

    Hope you will like this spaceship model! I think it is a wonderfully skilled design!
    Best regards,
    Bengt :thumb:

    PS. Added info: http://www.orionspace.de/ww/de/pub/english/history.htm
    and another one:
  2. Thanks for the praise. It was me who designed it, nice to hear that other Orion-Fans like it, too. :wave:
  3. Bengt F

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    Raumpatrouille 'ORION' Spaceship Sci-Fi Model

    Hallo, Marco,

    You are welcome! I think your model design is just beautiful. I didn´t know that you are a regular member of our forum - what an asset that is for us all!

    Re. the Orion model:
    I have bought a big opaque-white plastic sheet for the middle disc and the 'wings' of my A3 size model. I will also probably experiment with transparent plastic foil or celluloid in between the discs as control room windows.

    I have just ordered the DVD 'cult' film box, by the way, and I am eagerly anticipating to be able to once more watch the amazing space adventures of Cliff Allister MacLane and Tamara Jagellovsk, in black & white. I will also be able to study the 'Orion' spaceship very closely and in great detail, if I pause the DVD.

    I am building both the black 'in flight' display base and, of course, also the 'landed configuration' telescopic lift base. I was thinking that I might do some kind of 'bayonet' paper mount, so I can detach the telescopic lift, when I want to display the model in space flight.

    If i get the time, I will take a photo of the old paper model, that I made in the 60s, when I was a teenager (some 40 years ago) and show it to you.

    Viele Grüße,
    Bengt :wave:
  4. A small magnet in the top of the lift, and another one in the bottom of the ORION will do the magic, too...
  5. Bengt F

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    Raumpatrouille-ORION DVD Cult Box

    Hallo, Marco,

    Thanks for the tip - I actually have some small magnets, that I had intended to use for a Lunar Module-build, between the descent and ascent stages. I will try it on the Orion model.

    Today, I got the new (2006) 'Cult' Raumpatroille-Orion-DVD, with the newly-edited feature film "Rücksturz ins Kino" - I watched it all the way through and was immediately transported back to 1967. I laughed a great deal, especially when they were dancing 'Galyxo' in the 'Starlight Casino', or shouting and argueing in German to one another. What amazes me is that although this series was made completely without the aid of PCs, the special effects are very good and believable and the overall quality of the film is stunning - perfect sharpness and contrast. I find this very important, as I am an advertising photographer by trade.

    I can recommend this DVD box, if you don´t have it already: http://www.raumpatrouille.de/

    Viele Grüße,
    /Bengt :wave:

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