1960's nascar

Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by redwolf28386, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. redwolf28386

    redwolf28386 Member

    Does any know where I can find card models of 1960-1975 era race cars? Or a '63-'65 Ford Galaxie?

  2. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    There is initial work being done over at Racing Paper Models, link in my sig.

    you might want to follow that.

    there are no real race cars of that era, save for one, if you look at Webdude Rick's The King model from his Cars lineup

  3. redwolf28386

    redwolf28386 Member

    Thanks! I'm not up to designing my own models yet....maybe someday...sigh:(

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