1945 Scammell Pioneer SV2S

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by Gandolf50, Jan 24, 2015.

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    WOW! I got no words, my mind is blown!
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    This thread is now a "STICKY" Too much info to get lost in the vaults. :)
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    Wow...I'm now a sticky! Cool!
    Guess I'd better get some-things done!! so....moving along after Mothers Day and the week it took to draw and create a 6-person wave automaton for my wife's present...I am back to work on the "Monster"
    Ist off added and some-what finished up a few more tires,,,cutting lug nuts 10 at a time with a #11 blade..Takes it's toll! But they look better than a drop of glue ( which BTW has it's place, for the smaller nuts out there!) Just about ready to get the suspension and tires in place, but that also means I need to do some weathering before hand,,as that won't really be possible after they are in place.....now have the front suspension as well as the brake drums in place, need to add fenders and control arm for steering...( currently looking into the possibility of cutting a worm gear for the working steering, simple enough, but may just be too small to deal with!!)
    This also means I have to get the engine completed to check for fit and placement, so have been working on that..(NOTE: authentic 1945 engine color should be Robins Egg Blue, There is NO WAY...I am painting this engine Robins Egg Blue!..Sorry Purist!) but at least I am trying to make it more like an engine and not a gray box in the front..

    As there was nothing but a gray bow in the kit..there is no intake or exhaust...and little else..but need intake and exhaust so had to play with how to create them..Finally settled on my old stand-by when dealing with something like this..when most pictures are at an angle, and any side views are not to scale...so this is my procedure....
    Import into sketchup your picture at what-ever size it is...then take a known dimension ( in this case I needed 30mm from center of 1st exhaust port to last. In sketchup use the measuring tool, and start at your first point...over to end point, then it will give you some measurement or other...TYPE in what you WANT the measurement to be and sketchup will ask if you want to rescale the drawing..click yes...and here you have it...


    I then printed out a copy, at actual size..and have and will use that to create the exhaust and intake manifolds, as well as check mounting distance etc!
    (NOTE: when printing out of Sketchup..it is a NIGHTMARE..or at least I have found it so...PM me if you run into problems, and I will work up a step file to help out...)

    Exhaust manifold in the works..exact size of my engine!!...
    Till next time!
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    Beautiful, just Beautiful! :)
  5. Gandolf50

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    Been busy...but still working when time allows..starting to get a bit frustrated, only with myself as I keep looking at things and changing or deciding that this or that needs to be scratch built! arrggg... But there is light at the end of this tunnel..( a long way off, but it's there!) Got the wheels and suspension done 95% or so..still need to place U-bolts on rear axle to hold in place..but it is going to be a real pain! not enough hands and too big of fingers ( hmm just remembered my sets of Hemostats...perhaps?) Yes hand cut 70 some odd lug-nuts which I guess they are about 1mm diameter +-
    Designed and scratch built motor mounts as NOT ONE picture showed a full view of them! So took a wild guess! rear wheels are still removable ( for room to get in for the U-Bolts)... next ...
    One reason spent so much time on suspension..even though designed this way..with all my additions in .5 and 1 mm stock, need to make sure the articulated suspension elements would still function! A little more paint and some detail work..still want to add electrical and fuel lines and such, but have to find the proper pix to get things right..so will add at a later date...for now..detailing the engine and scratch building parts of the cabin! Just started to re-build the radiator to allow the hood and engine covers to function!
    Yep..Real one had it so this one has it..Hard wood flooring! Till next time!
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    I'm a lovin' this build!!!
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    True craftmanship! Awesome!!!
  8. Gandolf50

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    A few updates...slow going here...newsletters to be written..robotics work shops to give...only small progress in the wee hours of the morning..but slowly..
    First off built up some dash gages..ended up using the patterns from the kit..though it is a mix from several year model truck, it was the best . I first made a color copy on .25mm bristol, then took the original and cut out the gages..widened the holes some, rounded the edges more like the original, built up some knobs, switches and lamps....lamps on upper right are holes backed with red foil... the whole thing is a sandwich of..My copy of the gage pattern, a square of overhead-transparency film for a laser printer (still had a few sheets around from teaching days) red foil, then the original with the gages cut out and knobs/switches and buttons .

    I have also slowly been detailing the engine, (when I get tired/bored/frustrated what-ever the reason/ a muse strikes? ) I switch to something else, but slowly adding parts/details to engine...in view are the fuel lines, on other boring side are water lines...
    ..ps...little tiny curls of paper in lower right are to be wound around lower fuel line for connectors...I finished the lower six wrapping on top and bottom and it was not real fun..
    Finally got the rear suspension on and the u-bolts..in place..glued on..through the mounting plate and nuts on! Words can not express the frustration that was...actually they can..but I believe it is cause for banning!
    Lots of room to work..huh? inside view...below is the top view....with nuts! Left un-painted so it could be seen!

    Since this kit was not designed for a viewable engine compartment, there have to be some major changes in the front end from the firewall back, which includes the steering...speaking of which...I went with it and went all out...
    Top steering wheel, below..tube rolled from copy paper for steering rod, below...steering rod with worm gear on end...and gear next to tube..turns the steering arm...
    Assembly in position...need to build the casing....and it WORKS !! Had one built already but changed the gear ratio so you didn't have to turn the wheel 20 times! to turn right or left!
    Since the model was designed for all these parts to be a mass of card and glue..ie. non-functional... needed to modify the firewall...1> for the hood/bonnet 2>radiator3>engine covers ect! and that also means pretty-much modifying all connecting parts from the radiator to the rear wall of the cabin! at least by the time I get done! I all-ready have planes for the interior
    above modified firewall..more like the real thing... Oh..the wire above the wind-screen..will look like the strip hinge on the opening windscreen of the truck..( Heh I debated on how to make them function...really I did! If any one knows where I can get telescoping tubing the size of that wire...Let Me Know!!)
    Till next time!

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    Geez, you are definitely crazy, man! Totally awesome!!!
  10. mysteroid

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    Truly amazing work!
  11. zathros

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    It would take too many words of praise, so imagine all of them! Where did you get the gear and screw for the steering? Also, that engine, well, that just takes the cake! thumbsup
  12. Gandolf50

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    Scratch built, my friend...copper wire ?gage..wrapped around .030 gage steel wire then stretched out evenly, cut to length, ends filed down and smoothed, gear cut down from a stepper motor out of an old floppy drive, or cd/rom drive one or the other, pulled off of the stepper motor shaft and cut down to size with a jeweler's saw, made of nylon BTW...had to use some old model paints for plastic to paint that one...Love the smell of lacquer first thing in the morn!
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    You are - and please take this as the best compliment ever made - a freak!
    What I see here is modeling in perfection!
  14. zathros

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    That is great workmanship and fabrication, you definitely at the top of this game. :)
  15. Gandolf50

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    Despite rumors to the contrary...I am not DEAD... been gone long enough to feel that way..NOPE..Summer here in the desert played havoc with model making....with humidity levels normally at 12% at best...with all the rains we had, humidity shot up to around to 60-70% so things that were used to being dry..didn't stay that way for long...had to put things away till things got back to normal. Then there were the kittens my daughter adopted...things stayed put away..till I re-arrange every thing not much is going to happen on this build...( kept finding small parts missing!) But that also means a new addition in the works....
    but here are a few things I have been able to do since the last post...
    rear  roller.JPG
    Rear roller assembly, had to remake as I did not like the first one...

    Slowly getting the interior worked out, and trying to get the seats at the right scale and shape in wire and canvas...

    Working on motor mounts..( not one image I have found shows them completely) had to guess from bits and pieces of images...

    Doors and sides coming together...top is edge of door with hinge inserted between layers of door, Left is exterior, and inside is the solid hinge piece to fit between inner and outer skin..( NOTE: the front edge of the cab sides as well as the top above the door , even though with several layers of card, are FLIMSY!! and the top has to be glued to the rounded section of roof and stay smooth as it rolls over, it is not going to be fun at all!) ( If I work out a way to get it done with out loss of more hair, I'll pass it on!)

    Something to take the mind off the difficult parts! and no I am not going to use the jerry can ( Guess why?)...but will use the spade!
    Till I am able to get more done!
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    Man, this really takes the cake. Your skill is amazing!!
  17. zathros

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    It's like you choose the most difficult project, then do it perfectly, just like that. :)
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    Been awhile since visiting this build, truly amazed at the progress. Awesome steering gear and tires, everything looks totally real! Paint so far has me spell bound.

  19. whulsey

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    Just saw this build. Excellent work. Got that kit in the stack. Suggestion for the windscreen hinge is slide tubing made by Albion Alloys. Oh Albion parts on a Scammell, whatever works. Anyway the package I have is brass in o.4, 0.6, 0.8 and 1.0mm about a foot long, think it was around 8 dollars. For the lug nuts, unless you just have to do them in paper, have you tried Plastruct hex rod. I love the stuff, have it in 0.4mm up to 1.5mm.
  20. Gandolf50

    Gandolf50 Researcher of obscure between war vehicles... Moderator

    Actually ...the windscreen hinge is basically slide tubing, but dealing with .4mm and .6mm to make it as well as the frame work for the windscreen, ( already at about as thick as I want to push it at .5mm )
    really makes my eyes start to cross and hands ache! But will have this as a source for any future ideas ( Thanks)

    Have not tried Plastruct, being on a VERY FIXED income, so tend to do with out all the really good stuff out there, and try to work with alternatives...trust me I would much rather purchase laser cut track pieces than cutting them all out by hand!!!

    oppppsss just checked...Albion Alloys is in the UK....that just shot the price up 3x for shipping! will have to find a source in the States ....but since you are over that way...maybe some time you could take a few pixs for details on some future model builds...nudge nudge ...wink wink!:)

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