1900 coastal steamer/tramp large scale

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    I have always wanted to build one of the "middle generation" steam coasters found in European and Mediterranean waters from about 1900 to the 1940s. But in a scale larger than 1/250 so as give ample oppertunity for super detailing. Growing up in the port of Hull England I sawany of these in my VERY early days when my grandfather took me for walks around the docks. Anyone else have this strange request, or interest :-? ?
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    I have to agree that this is one of many areas that seems to have unlimited potential. The character of vessels in this period leaves much to be desired in modern vessels. Tugboats are another class that should have better representation but are far and few in between. Have you given any thoughts about working boats in mid to late 19th centery? Seems no one even knows what a "Hay Barge" was...,

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    Old Steam Ships

    Yes I also agree, I was only trying to limit the time span, so you mean the Hay barges used in Norfolk and Suffolk, I remember seeing pictures of them. I do not have the skill or experience to make a prototype model even though there are some excellent examples in Steam Tugs and Short Sea Traders by Wainwright. I was given the books quite a while ago. Help Someone do it. :???:
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    Hay Barges were in use World wide to transport hay to urban markets to power the transportation force at the time, horses. Here in the San Francisco Bay area they would pile the hay 20 to 24 feet above the deck level and would extend the steering to be on top of all the hay bales so they could see where they were going. Many salt water sailors made the switch when they found out that the vittles were fresh and included steak and shore based leisure...,

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    Check out Fiddlersgreen.net. Click on Buildings, then Miscellanous. There are a few boat models I think will satisfy what you're looking for.

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    Civilian motor launches from the same time period are almost completely neglected in any modeling medium. Sad, too, because many of them were extaordinarily handsome craft.


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