1895 Big Four Passenger Time Table

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  1. Roger Hensley

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    I have just put up the scanned pages of the C.C.C. & St. L. 1895 Passenger Timetable owned by Lawrence Baggerly. For the Big Four fan, there is a wealth of information in these pages ranging from the mileage of the various lines and branches to a population code giving the size of cities and towns. Not to be left out are the station names and agents by divisions, the junction points and connecting lines, the directory of Executive, Transportation, Passenger and Freight Departments, Stop-Over Privileges, maps, and, of course, the timetable schedule itself

    You think that we have good transportation today? Look at what we had in 1895 and that doesn't even count the Traction Lines that were springing up and would soon provide hourly service throughout Central Indiana.

    Here is the direct link.
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    Interesting stuff, Rodger. Ever seen the Library of Congress rail maps for Indiana?
  3. Roger Hensley

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    No I hadn't. The first map I pulled up looks an awful lot like the map in the Hammond's 1912 Atlas. All railroads and no highways. :)

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