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    As long as we can print it out on an ordinary printer, then you can't go far wrong! People will improvise with weight of card/paper as they go, depending on pocket and availability...so I wouldn't worry too much :D Just get building!
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    Yep agree with you there FB, I'll allow for plenty of freestyle building in the design, so that materials won't be a make or break.

    Just a parting word on this one before i nip off and catch up on some long over due building and stuff.

    It looks promising.. the box bracing can be keep uniform to cut down on 'complex' :rolleyes: sub-standard bracing + cryptic assembly instructions.. The rational behind the 'boxes' ~ When built AND cured, the several additional layers of hardened white glue between the all of the laminated surfaces (of the upper and lower refinery 'plates' ) will make one solid foundation.

    The templates for the cardboard refinery 'plates' X 2 can be printed on normL letter paper. Yep... All in all it should be a reasonably straight forward structure to build. ~ You'll just spend the rest of your life detailing it..

    I'll probably recommend letting the laminated parts cure for several days, although a test build of the that section will sort it out.

    Getting ahead of myself here, but just off the top of my head, i guess some sort of level of detail LOD will the easiest way to tackle it. LOD 1 main / large surface detail ~ tanks / domes etc.. LOD 2 smaller stuff.. LOD 3 ! even smaller and so on.... Builders could choose how far they wished to go..

    Anyway there's plenty more fiddling to do on the main sections yet.. I managed to tweak it so the ratio is a little closer to Martins stated 24" x 28" still a little over that though, I might have to shrink the Nostromo a little more..

    ... and why am i thinking about FROGS..!??


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    I can see the sense of the boxes over the more traditional frames. One of hte biggest problems with frames is getting them all lined up correctly, with right-angled joins. Boxes do that for you and allow you to build in smaller scale, and assemble.

    Can't help wondering though .... was the base design inspired by a flattened frog on a road somewhere ;)
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    Not too sure... but that top pic of yours is giving me strong urges to get to the other side of a busy road. :D
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    LOL Frogger perhaps?
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    Looking excellent. Keep going.
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    GAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! .... why can't PC equipment + software.. just WORK !!!!!!!!!..... if they were hand tools, I'd return em' to the store via their window.... :curse:

    There's plenty of reference pics I'd like to grab from the Aliens movie.. My borrowed laptop plays DVD's ok.. BUT.. I'm pulling my hair out trying to get screen caps using Media Player 10. (PrintSrceen)

    I've tried a few the methods suggested on the net ~ Media Player 10 *turn off layering * reduce acceleration.. I've even tried a different program, but resultant Print screen just shows as a ... blank /. "hollow panel" that I can still see the movie through..

    Could any Techno Wizards Please suggest any possible solutions..?
  8. CJTK1701

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    I'm not a techno wizard, but I used Power DVD 5.0. I think I've got an old trial version if that would help, it has it's own screen capture utility built into the interface. It's simplicity in itself. There's a little camera on it and a frame forward, frame back arrow, you can take frame by frame shots, just pause and click.
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    Power DVD..? Thanks CJTK I'll see what google brings up.
  10. Gearz

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    BWwwhhahahaaa!.... CJTK ~ Thank you Thank you Thank you .. Can you believe i had that program on a disc that came with a DVD drive..( Had never bothered to look at it.!!) *Wish all programs worked this well..

    Not a Wizard ? You are as far as I'm concerned mate.. At the moment I'd offer to bear your children, but that would be just way to weird.. So


  11. CJTK1701

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    OMG!:cry:ROTFLMAO!sign1:eek:That won't be neccesary. Glad it worked out for you!:wave:
  12. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    BTW, you're best to capture at original resolution, but you can increase the size in the program. Does that make sense? As long as you keep the aspect ratio the same as the original and use your capture setting to set for size you can come up with some really large files sizes for the .bmp, or .jpegs. One frame can be as big as 2.5 megs and if the movie was actually made on film then the resolution is usually higher and has better clarity. I know this may sound counter intuitive, but it's not really. For instance TOS episodes were done on film and come out looking very clear, however, TNG Voyager et al were all done on video and the res isn't that high. I'm pretty sure that Alien's was done on film stock.

    Sorry for rambling.
  13. Gearz

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    Not rambling at all.. thanks for the tip + info CJTK, it all comes in handy. I'm calm now so I'll use the info to get the best results.

    Yeeeahh... influenced by flat frogs + road kill.. .. maybe that's why ship and crew.. Croaked it...
  14. CJTK1701

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    Glad I could help make sure to post a couple of cool screen caps.:thumb:
  15. Gearz

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    What a difference some good screen shots make as reference material, or more aptly ~ back to the drawing board!

    I hope posting these images isn't an infringement of some sort..

    Just a few observations on the design ~

    refinery A ~ C, There's a significant difference in design between the miniature and the large model. (The pics of the miniature reposted without permission from Mr Martin Bowers site here..) To date I'd been using the miniature as reference ~ dumb!

    refinery B ~ F, The refinery's platform is considerably thicker with deeper alcoves than I'd realised, a few mezzanine levels as well..

    refinery B, ~ There's a significant downward slope to the three forward Peninsula * sigh* modification # 1 to my box brace idea.

    refinery C ~ F, The surface detail is a lot 'chunkier' than I'd noticed before..

    refinery G + H !! WT... How many ships were there..? *refinery G shows a partial shot of the 180286 registration on the side of the 'a' Nostromo.. refinery H shows the registration 180246 in HUGE letters on the side of the Nostromo + the bit it pulls. I guess modelling for film must be a hectic 'on the spot' affair..

    refinery H ~ Interesting.. the Large Separation Gantry ~ housing + Arm, is missing / not included from the model.

    refinery I ~ Love those Domes !

    + + a few other important design aspects that'll have to be incorporated into a paper version...

    One aspect of the design that's weirding me out ( partially visible in refinery H) on the centre forward peninsula of the refinery's platform, there seems to be a comparatively... ENORMOUS... set of bracing bars? , ... NO SIR... I don't like em'... "

    Overall ~ About as far as you can get from a glamorous design, although you have to admit its one magnificent model. Its a real shame those days have been lost in the budget bin.

    MMmm.. better get back to hammering all those the little dots and lines, so i can test a few build ideas.

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    errr..sorry not sure what i did wrong with the order of the attachments..

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    lol last three.. wall1

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    Oh yeah the colours.. The studio model looks white and shiny. On film its blue-ish and grungy, sort of like the uber scratch version linked at the beginning of this thread.. I'm leaning a little between a combination of the both, although that may turn to worms.. any suggestions..? :confused:
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    The actual model colours, and how it appeared in the movie can be quite different. The cinematographers would use filters and lighting to create whatever mood and tone they were going for, so the actual model colour would almost be irrelevant, except to us fanatics! It probably appears blue-ish in the movie to give it that "cold-and-alone-in-the-depths-of-space" feel. Ultimately go with whatever tones you feel convey the spirit of the model...definitely industrial grunges. I like the scratch build version colouring...but it may be a bit dark. Then again it could just be the photography.

    As for inconsistencies in studio models....its more common than we realize. Often they have different teams making different scales of the same thing, or they're so danged pressed for time they can't make it a perfect match...plus they probably had unit directors and producers saying "Who cares, its close enough...get it done, we need to shoot it tomorrow."

    The Rodger Young, the Serenity, the Millenium Falcon, you name it, just about every studio model that's been made more than once in different scales has its share of inconsistencies that drive us modellers nuts. Just so long as we remember that WE who are the ones with the "issues" not the folks who made 'em in the first place.
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    True. In fact, that's why in Star Trek TNG, just before the Enterprise D goes into warp, the engines flash. Its to hide the transition from one model to the other.

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