16 Volts gone awol

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Why me, Apr 14, 2004.

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  2. billk

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    Sounds like somewhere there's a break in your circuit. If you can get a hold of an ohmeter (resistance measurer) you can use it to check parts of the circuit to narrow down where the break is (low resistance = OK, high resistance = you found it!).

    Instead of an ohmeter, you can rig up your own checker, using the power supply you already have (which sounds like it works).
    Run a couple of wires from it to a light bulb, buzzer, or anything that lets you know it is getting power. Then put parts of your circuit into the mix to see if they allow the light bulb or whatever to get power.
  3. jim currie

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    Why Me do you have two wires from xformer to turnout control switch and three wires to turnout coils from switch:confused:
  4. Why me

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    :curse: :cry: Hi i have 2 sets of wire to run track 1 and track 2 indepenentdly ac and dc 2 of eatch tried all cominanition but no luck must be somthing silly that i am missing .mike
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    call me dense but is your basic wiring look like this or are you running 3 rail:confused:
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    A picture is worth a thousand words my friend.
    This is what your wiring should be like to operate a switch machine.
    I found difficulty following your initial post.
    Excuse the crummy sketch (it was done in a hurry) :rolleyes:


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    Mike, I'm glad you got it running,
    and it's good to see you're keeping
    a sense of humor!!:D :D
    I'll bet that boy of yours is
    loving it!!
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    this forum

    As mentioned before - all the moderators should start to lobby the manufacturers to include this web site in the box. If I had know about you guys when I started most of my headaches would not have happened. I always leave here with good info. Thanks Frank

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