13 year old hit by train after graffiting another

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by N Gauger, Jan 7, 2007.

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    Man, that's just sad:cry: But what he and his friends SHOULD have done was create murals or something instead. No use in grafitiing rail cars.
  3. LongIslandTom

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    Not your typical graffiti artist, that kid.. He was from a middle-class Jewish family in Queens and was supposedly doing well in school. WTF was he doing messing around on the Long Island Railroad main line? It's a super-busy line, with an EMU train screaming by at 70+ MPH every 5 minutes.

    Actually, I was surprised he didn't get fried by the 700 Volt 3rd rail (that's what the LIRR uses to power its trains).
    I was stuck at Penn Station for 2 hours because of that damn kid. :curse:
  4. hooknlad

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    POOR LIL FELLA , The schools systems need to educate the kids exactly the severity of what those metal rails are cabable of, id summize it as, grabbing a wire and not thinking that it is on, then whammmo, someone turned it on... :(
    I hope his friends now realize not to play with REAL trains, perhaps the boyz could tag their "model RR's "
  5. pooka2hot4u

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    yeah, the LIRR is not something any graffitti artist in his right mind goes to tag. im really not surprised he got hit.
    wow so many kids getting killed now. just a couple of days before that on new years one senior from my high school got hit by a car on a highway in the bronx. supposedly running across to get to a gas station to get some change....with all due respect but how do you run across a highway and not expect to get hit by a car?
  6. Ralph

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    What a waste. Young people often seem to have a sense of being invincible and take dangerous risks despite the efforts of family, school, Operation Lifesaver, etc. Tom, I think you'll find that teenage thrill seeking transcends race, religion, and economic background. A senseless tragedy. Hopefully other teens will learn from it and be more careful.
  7. hiscopilot

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    ugh... I hate hearing/ seeing things like that. Its like the teens here locally that were out at 430am messing with someones truck, when the police show up to check it out, they jumped into their pickup and took off end result of the run is they ended up losing control of their vehicle and flipping it, 2 teens were killed. Senseless. But I remember being a teenager... and it scares me since only 8 more years until I have one. As if the regular dangers in life aren't enough, huh?
  8. Seaboard

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    He can paint mural's on something else but not on a HI Speed rail line with trains runnin 24/7. Thats just crazy!
  9. Jim Krause

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    If I may go into my "old guy" mode for a few lines. I'll give you my assessment of why young people get into those situations nowadays. Physical danger is isolated from daily life now as opposed to being right in front of you when I was growing up. Dangerous situations were everywhere, farming, logging, construction, mining etc. Every kid knew about someone who had been injured or killed and or had parents or relatives working in industry who made a point of telling them about dangerous situations. Today it is third hand information from a TV screen. As for schools teaching basic safety, they have enough to do, baby sitting, trying to educate and keeping the students from killing one another during class time. It's about parental responsibility and involvement.
    Oh yes, an afterthought. There is a certain blockheadedness among some young folks that says " I'm gonna do what I wanna do"

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