13 or 15 turn motor?....IM STUCK

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by bandit1, Jun 21, 2003.

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  1. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    im stuck between buying a 13 turn or a 15 turn motor for my evader. i already have an esc that is on the way but i want to put in a newer faster motor as well. is there any major difference between 2 turns? if there is wat is it? thanks for any help u guys have!
  2. osbornel

    osbornel Member

    1turn=good acceleration and top end through rpm's 2turn=more punch during low end. 3t= flat out top end speed
  3. osbornel

    osbornel Member

    oh sorry i misread your question. 13 turns is a little faster but will drain your battery faster too
  4. monoman

    monoman New Member

    osbornel i think you got your turns mixed up with your winds.a 13 turn is a good jump in speed from a 15 turn,the 15 turn will enable you to run a bit longer & run allot cooler,& has good torque.the 13 turn will give you lots of midrange & top speed.....(also depends on your gearing).
    the 13 turn will heat up faster & create heat sooner to your ESC & cells.if your truck is slightly heavy a single wind will give you lots of punch,& good speed,if you play with the gearing a double wind will give you both speed & lots of torque & have good runtimes,& run realitively cool.
  5. AzNDRAGster

    AzNDRAGster New Member

    It depends on the track type your racing on but a 15 turn is good for all around track types.
  6. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    k thanks guys fer all the help......just confused about a difference with a wind and a turn?
  7. AzNDRAGster

    AzNDRAGster New Member

    This is what you need to know about turns: The less turns the more speed the less turns the more torque.
  8. eef mcglikn

    eef mcglikn New Member

    try the best kept secret in rc racing...go to tower hobbies and buy the towerhobbies speed secret motor 14 turn built to last...under $20

    i have beat these things to death......and won many a race..

  9. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    u sure....i aint doubting u at all but i heard tower's stuff isnt too good? thanks for the suggestion tho
  10. Matt Horton

    Matt Horton New Member

    what is the max voltage the towerhobbies speed secret will run at ?

    i dont think it is 7.2 or 8.4
  11. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    for Mat Horton.there is no `Max`.
  12. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    bandit read my topic about electric motors.it wil give you the jist of it.
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