.11 vs 2.5

Discussion in 'RC General & Getting Started' started by nova55, Oct 30, 2003.

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  1. nova55

    nova55 New Member

    what is a better engine just wondering with no hop ups
  2. Minrath

    Minrath New Member

    Not sure about the .11 but I like the traxxas 2.5, I have the sportmaxx and the tmaxx 2.5 and a crapload of other older t's and I gotta say that 2.5 was the least hassle free motor I have dealt with.It also has good power.
  3. HPIMT2003

    HPIMT2003 New Member

    hey Minrath u said u had alot of other t-maxx's would u consider selling any of them to get my friend started he's intrested and dosent have alot of extra money, well he's trying to limit him self.
  4. Nitro Napalm

    Nitro Napalm Member

    ye thats true...minrath...could u spare a couple...im interested in one but they cost tooo much...how much would sell one for...if u do wanna sell
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