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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by CAS, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. CAS

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    I purchased the book of 101 track plans by Linn H. Westcott.

    The very first line in the book says: The plans in this book were prepared before N scale was developed. However you can reduce any plan to suit N scale by following the dimensions given in the tables.
    Ruled lines across plan are:
    6" aprt for N
    9" aprt fot TT
    12" aprt for HO
    And so on.
    I am looking for plans for N scale.
    For people with the book i looked at plan #8 - Port Ogden & Northern RR. for the heck of it. In the St Mary's yard it shows a yard with 6 tracks in the yard. In HO scale the plan calls for 1'X16'. So i figured the table said to divide by 2 for N scale, which would be 6"X8'.
    Then i went to XtrCad to make it on the program to print out. It didn't seem to fit the specs. I then went to get a piece 6''x11" paper. I placed 6 pcs of track onto the 6" width, and the track was way to cluttered, no room for the switches it called for.
    My question is what am i missing here. Is my math wrong? Do i need to change the track plans to fit the specs? Please help.
    Thanks, Cliff
  2. Will_annand

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    Cliff, going from HO to N is actually 54% reduction.

    HO is 1/87
    N is 1/160

    So halving HO would give you 1/174, too small for N.
  3. Drew1125

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    Hi Cliff!

    Like Will points out, N scale is actually a little larger than 1/2 HO...
    What I always do is round it up to 60% of HO...so you'll want to reduce the HO plan by 40%...
    For the plan you mention, try fitting it in to a space 10' long by 8" wide...See if that works...
  4. CAS

    CAS Member

    Thanks for the replys, i was a little confused. The above posts make sense now.

  5. davido

    davido Member

    just remember not to reduce the size of the isles, if any.

  6. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Cliff: I've suggested that you look at using the HO plan dimensions directly for a spacious N gauge layout. You'll have to tighten the track spacing and maybe modify the yards, but the curves will be generous and lots of room for scenery or buildings.

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