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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by S 3/6, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. S 3/6

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    I am new to the forum and new to large gauge (45mm)... been into Model RR for about 4 years, mostly German Prototypes of all Era's.. mostly Marklin AC, but as of two days ago, but I also have some Brass DC items... However, I am now a 1 Gauger as well... I ordered 2 locs, and 10 cars, a 100' of track and some small stuff to play with at home..

    My question is this... I would like to take my stuff and run it outside at some public layouts... but it would seem that all "G" Scale layouts are on non-electrified track with battery powered trains. I'm not ready to do that kind of modification yet. :confused:

    Does anyone know of any layouts in the Phoenix, Scottsdale area where they have powered track? For that matter, are there any in the US?

    Last question, can you set up a "Garden" layout with standard Marklin track and expect it to last thru weather and dust? OR do people usually put those out on a "Temporary" basis?

    Thanks all

  2. Ray Marinaccio

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    Have you talked to the people at Adobe Mountain Railroad Park. Just off Pinnicle Peak Rd. on 43rd Ave.
    Their G layout might be battery powered RC. but I am not sure. They could tell you best how the climate in that area affects the track.
  3. S 3/6

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    Hi Ray,

    Yes I have, I was just there yesterday (I only live 5 miles away) as a matter of fact, and while I'm still going to join for their HO layout to run my few DC items I have, I can't really run my Marklin 1 Gauge there, as it's all battery powered and they have no plans (yet) to electrify the track. I don't want to tamper with the Marklin locs so I have to find an electrified track.. They are a "work in progress" however, and anything can happen.

    But thanks for the suggestion.
  4. Danny

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    S 3/6. Go buy Garden Railways Magazine, the majority of G layouts are Electric, and use either brass or Stainless Steel track, battery power is in the minority, most G layouts are DC power, I think Marklin runs best on AC, with special sound effects etc. Good luck.
    Regards, Danny Sheehan in Oz.
  5. S 3/6

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    Thanks Danny.. I guess it's just my luck that the track next to me is the only one not electrified! Anyway, I'll find something I'm sure.. BTW... Marklin can run on AC Digital, AC analog, and DC all with just the flip of a 3-way switch, so that's certainly not a problem.
  6. S 3/6

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    Well, here's some good news for me! I went up to the Adobe Mountain layout to chat with some of guys there about my options and met a guy named Bob, who's a bit of a whizbang on electronics. He offered to convert my two Marklin's to run off Battery DC, and at the same time keep their Marklin AC running capability. So I went ahead and ordered some components (Aristo Craft Li-Ion 2amp batt, Transmitter and 2 receivers) and he's going to wire it all up!

    So Looks like I'll get to run the big boys outside the house after all!
  7. Diezel

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    What are the drawback to having electrified tracking outside? Say I go with stainless steel for example?
  8. Danny

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    Diezel, Brass or Stainless Steel track will stand up outdoors, the plastic ties have UV inhibitor moulded in. I am in sub-tropical Queensland, Australia, I have has a mix of LGB, Aristocraft and local (Australian) track outdoor for three years now and no deteriation at all.
    Even in the colder winters you would have, with snow etc you should not encounter any problems, my track is permanently outside, but all locos, cars and structures come in when I finish running for the day!
  9. Diezel

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    Hey Danny, thanks for the reply. Actually, i'm new the garden railroading also. I have nothing. Except I bough an aristo 30inch track to keep me motivated :) I've order my CN Dash 9 locomotive. I plan to add sound (the best) etc.. and stuff like that, i'll prolly on start laying track outside next year. I'll run inside for now. The train will have inside and outside access (kind like a dog door), is that what you have?

  10. Danny

    Danny Member

    Chris, no I do not have a access door to my indoor starage area, I must carry all my locomotives, cars and buildings inside after the finish of running. I started in Large Scale about three years ago, and have aquired 15 locomotives and sixty items of rolling stock, some passenger, some freight. I am running US Narrow Gauge, using 1:24, 1:22.5 and 1:20.3 scales, with careful purchasing these scales look OK running together, however I do intend to get a Bachmann D&RGW K27 Mikado (Mudhen) when released late next year, these will measure about 36 inches long (big loco).

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