1/96 Scale Space Station from Apollo AAP ?

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by SAustin16, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. SAustin16

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    Good Evening to All,

    Here's my 1/96 Scale rendition of a Space Station, perhaps from Apollo AAP effort utilizing a Saturn S-IVB as a primary structure. Based on a resin model from one of the astronauts' private collections that just went on auction. Pictures of the original model posted in the Space section of Secret Projects website under Bonham Auction. No one seems to have ever seen this exact configuration before.

    Pardon the rough appearance. This is just a dry-fit as I wanted to post the picture on 7/20. I still need to add the docking ports with several Apollo CSMs attached.

    Happy Moon Landings to All, and to All a good night.

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  2. Retired_for_now

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    Lot's of interesting work done on these lines - heavily dependent on heavy lift launchers. Have you seen the Jupiter/Direct presentations to the Augustine Panel? Various documents at NASA's Human Space Flight Commission http://www.nasa.gov/offices/hsf/related_documents/index.html

    They make some interesting points about total and real costs for space access if you rely on mutiple, small launches instead of investing in heavy lift.

  3. Maico Shark

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    How's progress Steve? (great link Yogi)
  4. SAustin16

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    Good Evening Gentlemen,

    I would swear I replied to Yogi's post on Sunday ... I must be losing it...I apologize.

    Yogi, I agree with Maico...great link. Thank you very much. I started reading some of the documents, and really enjoyed the transcripts.

    As for the model, my prototype is almost finished. I still need to install the reaction control system thrusters and build a couple of Apollo CSMs to show docked (as the original resin model was configured).

    My obstacles to sending it to Jon Leslie's site are that I have not figured out how to apply graphics in Metasequoia (like USA down the side of the craft), nor how to transfer the finished Pepakura drawing to another document program with crisp lines (the lines always come out fuzzy), but printing directly from Pepa results in crisp lines. Since I prefer models with smooth butt joints backed by internal connector/wraps (not tabs on each part), I would need to create these parts separately.

    If anyone wants a crack at the AAP, I'll post the Pepakura file in the downloads area. It's about 22 inches high when assembled. The main cylinder appears to be based on the Saturn S-IVB.
  5. wow that looks sweet!
  6. Retired_for_now

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    Great work! I'm still drawing in powerpoint - calculate the radii/circumferences/etc. then just draw shapes to that size. Can't do really complex shapes that way - only flats and conics. I export using a pdf print utility that exports a Microserf document as a pdf file instead of sending it to the printer (DoPDF). Haven't had problems with crisp lines (I think?), but have had the occaissional graphic artifact when working with shading and layering.
    Don't have an answer on the technical side - but I'm sure there's someone on-blog with an answer (have you searched the how-to threads?).

  7. SAustin16

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    Thank you for the kind words My Friends.

    And a special thanks to Yogi ... I searched as Yogi suggested and realized that I had overlooked a section of Jaybat's excellent Meta tutorial concerning application of graphics to 3d models. If you're trying to figure out Meta, this is a GREAT tutorial. I hadn't "gotten" the graphics section previously as it was still way over my head. Now that I understand applying Materials, the graphics are starting to click.

    I'm making headway ... I was able to print USA down the side of the cylinder. I may still be in Kindergarten here, but at least I'm back in school. Ya Hoo.

    This will now allow me to progress on some of my other models.

    Yogi, if Powerpoint is working for you keep at it. I've been designing a few of the basic models in MS Word, and I really enjoy that also.

    I'm hoping Jon Leslie is able to work out the kinks in his site soon. I really love scrolling through his collection. I feel lost without it.

    Hopefully I can send a final model to Jon soon.

    I forgot to mention that the AAP Space Station model currently does not include "connectors" or tabs. I don't like tabs on the model because it results in rather ugly overlaps. My skill level at assembly is bad enough. I make my own connectors in MS Word, or just quickly fashion them out of scrap strips of card. I'll try to add a PDF of Connectors to the Download Section.

    Thanks again to All.
  8. SAustin16

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    Hello All,

    Just FYI ...

    The Model and Connectors have been added to the Download Section, but are awaiting approval.

    The Connectors are kind of 'generic' and will need to be cut to length. If anyone wants the MS Word version (so that the connectors can be easily re-sized), just send me a PM with your e-mail and I'll send it to you.

    Remember that "Patience Is A Virtue", but patience never helped the Space Program. LOL

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