1/72 Yak-17

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  1. This model is a freebie from Nobi (Thaipaperworks), and was my first Nobi build. It won't be my last if this one is any indication of the quality of his models. Construction is typical skin, glue strip and former. The formers run large though, so I cut on the inside of the black lines, and even then had to sand a little. A nut was glued in place up front so that the model would sit correctly on its tricycle landing gear. The canopy gave me a little trouble. I had to trim it a bit to get the seams to mate up correctly. The seam lines lay right in the middle of the "glass", and was a little unsightly, so I painted it with acrylics and then laid on a few coats of glosscoat. I detailed the jet intake and exhaust with cones. I mounted the model to a paper base textured with woodgrain and a tarmac section.

    I'm very happy with the model except for some of my add ons: the nose guns are too low, and the antenna mast is too upright. That's what happens when you don't research enough.

    The pictures are even worse than usual. I couldn't get rid of the glare until I cut the exposure way down, and then the graininess increased.

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    I was just about to send you a P.M. asking what;s next and here it is! Excellent as usual! The canopy looks so good, your workmanship paid off. It looks great. That was an important aircraft in jet history, the Soviet Union had bragging rights with it, having been one of the first mass produced jets after WWII. Great job!!
  3. Thanks Zathros. I wish the photos were better because it really did come out pretty good - except for my additions, which actually wound up detracting. So that the Yak won't get lonely, I'm working on a recolor of Hdb Makett's MiG-9. The recolor is done, but my quick and dirty test build is uncovering problems. Some fuselage segments just aren't shaped right. I'm hoping I can correct what's wrong and come up with a buildable model, because the skins sure looks purty now.
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    Your build of the Yak looks great despite the photo problems you describe. Models always look better to the naked eye than they do through the camera though. The camera tends to expose so many little details that aren't really visible to the eye.

    I've built a couple of Nobi's models and it sounds like this one is representative. Like you I look forward to building others in the future.



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