1/72 Sukhoi Su-1

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  1. This model of the Russian high altitude fighter prototype was designed by Kancho Iliev, and can be downloaded for free at his site http://paperwings.phobby.com/index.php?CMD=9 There are two pages of parts, but no instructions. He offers a bit of a challenge. "This kit is like a puzzle - You got Drawings - try to build it." :) There are a few building tips, but they don't translate very well, and I didn't find them to be much help. I printed out a shrunk down, 1/72 scale version based on wing span.

    The only photo I have seen of the Su-1 captures it sitting on a snow covered airfield, so I decided to try to recreate that image.

    I wanted the display base to look cold, so I textured it with grey, weathered wood to avoid warm colors. Then I made a snowscape, using bits of cotton ball soaked in diluted white glue to build up varying depths - like where the snow melted a bit and slid off the wings and fuselage. After painting the groundwork white, I sprinkled on a groundwork snow product. The airplane itself still has a little unmelted "snow" in the shadows. To add to the feeling of cold, I made icicles from clear plastic coated with gel medium and hung a few of them off the airplane.







    Overall, I'm happy with the way this model turned out, and I'd certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to take a stab at it. Many thanks to Kancho for providing it for free.
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    Very fine Work!
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    Hello Rockpaperscisor,

    It's very good work camarad Rockpaperscisor.
    Brrr...Where are the bears ???

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    very cool
  5. Thank you for your kind comments, gents :wave:. Kancho's designs often throw the builder a curve, and I'll admit the wing fairings had me worried. The fairing piece is just a single scary looking, but well designed part that fairs in both wings simultaneously. It starts out under the chin of the airplane, wraps up and over the leading edge of each wing, and then needs to be pulled back to the trailing edges, all the while maintaining a nice hollow to blend the wings smoothly into the fuselage. It was tough not to crinkle it where it wraps up and over each wing. I was afraid card stock would be too stiff (especially in reduced 1/72 scale), so I reprinted the fairing piece on regular weight printer paper. In the end it came out very nice, but it was a nail biter while I was forming it.
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    very nice clean build. keep up the good work.

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