1/72 Hawker Sea Fury

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  1. I'm sure most of you are aware of this free model that has been available for years here: http://waspcv7.republika.pl/warsztat.htm. There are a few versions available. I chose the weathered one. The model includes a basic cockpit in case the modeler wants to make a plastic canopy.

    Fuselage sections

    Assembled fuselage. So far, so good. I went with the opaque canopy. Sits a little tall compared to the real airplane.

    Wing sections. I decided to make folding wings. The extra wide scoop on the left wing is a Photoshop modification.

    Center wing section in place. I had to greatly modify the kit wing fairings.

    New fairings are in 2 pieces, and wrap around the chin nicely. These are fashioned from regular weight printer paper.

    Spinner was a nightmare. Had to remove slivers of paper on the rear section so it would mate with the center section. Had to enlarge the tip by 2% so it would mate with the center section. Came out good in the end.

    Tail planes and spinner are on

    Standing on it's own three legs. Gear doors were (and are) the wrong shape. Every angle is wrong. I had to trim about 1/8" from the back so they wouldn't drag on the ground.

    Folding wings are on

    Pretty big fighter, but in 1/72 still fits in the palm of my hand

    Tail hook fashioned from wire and painted white. Bump is missing from the fuselage bottom.

    Mounted on its landing deck paper base.

    A parting shot.

    Not a bad model, but not for beginners. The design flaws can be corrected for the most part - Photoshop or equivalent is a definite advantage.
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    All those fuselage sections and the plane looks seamless?! You are the man! :)

    That's one of those sites I found a long time ago and got lost in the forest of eternal links, thanks for the refresher!
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    well well well

    Hi Rockpaperscissor

    1. Well for the presentation

    2. Well for the building of the kit

    3. Well for the dio

  4. Thank you gentlemen. I was pretty happy with the model. It's not bad for a freebie.
  5. Soooo clean, you can always tell a builder thats proud of his seams, the pics are up close super zoom. Beautiful build.
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    Great work :)
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    Great job, so clean.

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