1/72 FIAT G50 "Freccia"

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  1. Here we have my build of Zio Prudenzio's G50, scaled to 1/72. The artwork is beautiful, but I think he made a mistake with the placement of the fuselage markings on the starboard side. I didn't realize there was a problem until I put the tailplanes on, and by then I was so far along in the build that I would have had to scrap the whole thing and start over. Too bad, it ruined an otherwise fantastic model.


    Anyway, the assembly was absolutely trouble free. The fit of each and every part was perfect. The version I chose had an open topped canopy, which called for a cockpit, and some extra work on my part. I resized a generic cockpit that I use for such occasions, and glued it in place from below before adding the wings. To show off the cockpit, I glazed the canopy from behind with cellopane, and then flowed clear glosscoat onto the front surface. I dropped one of the side curtains for a better view.

    I as always, I finished the model off by mounting it to a paper base ("good" side facing the viewer). Except for the botched starboard fuselage markings, I'm very happy with this model.

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    These aircraft are so under represented! Great job, great choice of subject matter! :)
  3. Yes, Zathros, I'd love to see more Italian fighters too. Zio has a number of them on his site, and I'll be building them all eventually. This model was a lot of fun to assemble, and since all his models follow the same basic "formula", I'm expecting the next one to be just as enjoyable.
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    Wowowowow what a model....I like it....you have done a great work....
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    Great work there, very clean, very precise....
    There could be a solution to get rid of that mistake, I use to paint the card models - with brush and free hand, yet is difficult for markings (letters, numbers, symbols)... decals or "paper decals" (don't know how to call them - and not so good as real decals, yet cheaper and easy to be made home) might help. Here's an example, a Me109 in 1:87, a resizing of ThaiPaperworks Me109 on 1:100.


    I hope I'm not rude posting this picture here, if so - I apologize.
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    That is absolutely beautiful! Incredible job, especially the cockpit and clear parts, they must be tiny in 72nd scale!
  7. Thanks for the nice comments, fellas :mrgreen:. Chris, if I had noticed the misplacement before I had built up the fuselage, I would have fixed it with Photoshop. If you take a closer look at the top photo, you'll notice a strange jog in the white fuselage stripe. When I grab the markings with Photoshop, and move them forward, the "3" fits perfectly into the jog. I think Mr. Prudenzio move the markings for some reason, and then forgot to put them back into their proper position before releasing the model. I do like the looks of your painted and hand marked Bf109, and it's a great idea if I didn't have an alternative fix, but Photoshop makes the manipulation of colors and markings so quick and easy. In fact, I've already updated the file with the markings moved to their proper location in case I decide to build it again. In the future I'll be on the lookout for this kind of problem.

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