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  1. 77railer

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    Hey gang,
    As you know I found my flyers and have been collecting stuff for the layout since then. Even got to go run the trains last weekend with a member of the Gauge, was a nice day. My question is has anyone experimented with using the 1/64 scale rc cars and trucks? There are alot of body styles for various tastes and even if you cant find the body you like, couldnt you bash a model you have and slap its body on the chassis? Think about it. Instead of that old ford truck sitting on the layout, drive it around a bit. Stop at the train crossing...or for you adventure seekers try out running the train,lol.
    A buddy and I are talking about putting a dirt track on the layout and racing some while the trains go round,lol.Just want to know what everyone thinks. Here is one site that offers tons of 1/64 RC....


    :thumb: 77Railer :thumb:
  2. Dave Farquhar

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    I haven't but think it's a great idea. It bugs me sometimes that the only thing that moves on most layouts is the train. And it's a good way to involve people who aren't as fascinated with trains too.
  3. Pitchwife

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    The problem with 1/64 scale "HO" cars is that they don't look quite right with the 1/87th trains although you could move up to S scale which is 1/64th. What I am planning to do is to incorporate slot cars with a layout like you are talking about, but what I found is that if you can find any of the old Johnny Lightning 500 cars they are an accurate 1/87th scale. They are fairly common on ebay, but the hard part for me was finding "street" cars. Lots of race cars so if that's what you are looking for you shouldn't have any trouble finding them. As far as chassis check out Buds Cars . He has the JL 500 chassis as well as regular "HO" scale slots. You can also find the JL 500 cars in a "pull back" form on ebay. The bodies fit on the regular 1/87th scale slot chassis. My plan is to incorpotate a system of control curcuits to run the cars on city streets with working stop lights controling intersections as well as RR Xings to avoid collisions. If you are interested in any of the circuits PM me and I can email them to you.
  4. 77railer

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    1/64th is what I model at home. S gauge Flyers from the 50's. Isnt Johnny Lighting 1/64 scale? So you are wanting to run slot cars...that is different....I was thinking of wireless RC. Gonna have to just go buy one and try it out...see what happens,lol.

  5. Pitchwife

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    Johnny Lightning is about the only slot cars that aren't 1/64th. If you go the slot car route go with Tyco track. The RR Xings are fairly easy to come by (see former web referance as well as several others. The other way to go would be to use Lifelike track with adaptors to go to the Tyco Xings. Try Rad Trax . They are pretty good to work with and have a good inventory at reassonable prices.
  6. neilmunck

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    I always thought that would be fun but the thought of having to plan the road layout as well as the track!

    I also saw there were very few (1) "scale" cars there. All the rest seemed distorted in body shape so would need to be used as a chassis for a donor body.
  7. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Hi neilmunck
    Designing a layout with slot track is a lot of work. You are extremely limited by its shapes and lengths. The following links are to pages of a layout that I designed. The first thing you will note is that it is very complex. Not the sort of first layout that you would want to build. The second thing you will notice is the inaccessibility of a great deal of the layout. I dubbed it "Project Mars", on the basis that once a section was built up it HAD to work, kind of like a rocket to Mars. Once it leaves the pad it has to function properly because there is no getting at it to fix it. Needless to say, this was before the days of "Track Maintenance." So said, I don't know if it will ever be built, at least not in the form that it is in now, but who knows? It was fun drawing it up. The grids, when shown, are 12". The project is HO scale and would go into a gutted 8'X32' trailer that had become available.

    This first link is what the slot section would look like. The neat thing about it are the turnarounds on either ends of the highway. They would be positioned underground and have delay circuits so that a car wouldn't just go in and then come right back out again. I bought an old Tyco set on eBay that had two separate loop-the-loops. I took the pieces of track that split into two lanes and with some readily available single lane track made a roundabout, so that the entire highway section was a large closed loop with all cars going in both directions continuously over a two lane road. The highway and city traffic would be on two different circuits but would still interact with each other. Another problem with slot cars is that they don't all go the same speed. I even came up with a no-tailgating circuit.

    The next picture is how the slot track and train tracks interact with each other. I designed a circuit that would stop traffic whenever a train approached and then let them go on after it passed. What I was striving for in this project was for the slots to become another form of animation, not something that is controlled externally. No racing to beat the train. :D :D

    This is how traffic would be controlled in the city. I have circuits worked out to handle the stop lights, 4-way stops and the flashing yellow intersections as well as the RR Xings. Another problem with slot cars is that they don't all go the same speed. I even came up with a no-tailgating circuit to take care of that problem.

    The rest of the pictures are plans to the other areas of the layout.

    These are the elevations from the First (hidden) Level to the Third Level

    This is a look at the staging area. I had planned to keep track of the activity down there using two mini wireless cameras and a TV monitor.

    This is a quarry that I had planned to go on the extreme right end of the layout. The only access to it would be by rail and helicopter (which I managed to find a scale model of). Might even had it do takeoffs and landings. For now, it, like the rest of the layout is on hold while I work on my N scale layout.

    This is what the mainline would look like all put together.

    This is what all four of the levels look like. The top most level is a tourist train with a steam locomotive and old time cars and caboose. That is my plan for the layout. As you can see it would be difficult at best to get in and do any kind of maintenance on a lot of the track.

    This was my first foray into layout planning. As you can see there are more than a few misakes, but it was a fun learning experiance.
  8. neilmunck

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    I see. I had imagined, because you were talking about R/C as in radio (or remote, your choice) control, that you envisaged being able to drive a car around the layout, much as kids do in their back gardens with their monster trucks.

    as a result you would not have to worry about road layout but they would not be autonomos either.
  9. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    You'ld almost have to go with G gauge to stay in scale. Haven't seen many HO or even O scale RC cars. Even with them, are you in control of them well enough to keep from destroying an expensive car/loco?
  10. 77railer

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    I was reffering to using 1/64 scale RC cars and trucks or at least there chassis and using other bodies to use on my S Gauge layout which is also 1/64 scale. Mostly for the fun of it and for the race track that is going to be in the middle of my layout. Which will be a 1/4 dirt track modeled after the local speedway. As far as controling them on the layout if you use a 1.0 motor instead of the 2.2 then there speed is slow enough to get the feel of things before crashing and bashing. Just an idea Im kicking around but the speedway is a definite.

    p.s. I do like pitchwifes idea of using slot cars though....would be cool...never seen it done.
  11. jetrock

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    Some German company makes an HO scale "street system" which features cars that follow a buried guide-wire through streets--only hitches are that it's pretty much just European vehicles and it is really expensive.

    I don't mind my cars just sitting there. They should be playing second banana to the trains anyhow, not trying to steal their thunder...
  12. Oldmax

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    1 scale or G scale 1/32 would do if all your trains are Aristo , USA< & MTH. And 1/24 If you also have LGB. Unless want the exact scale most people wouldn't know differance. I use 1/24 for cars & trucks to set on layout.
  13. 1/64 rc cars.

    hey Rusty,
    Radio Shack has some ,one is a moster truck like Big Foot that is battery powered , comes with charger I have one and looks good. That is the only one that i know of , they may have some cars by now. I just got back into s scale myself and this scale is hard to find anything truely 1/64 scale. Hope this helps
    Alan Lambert

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