1:50 or 1:24 th scale towtractor (Mule) for aircraft

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    Howdy guys,

    A few months ago someone was looking for information on "mules", not the four legged variety, but the military tow tractor.
    Well, I was browsing thru another favorite site of mine and came across one that was posted back in 2002. It comes in two sizes, 1:50th scale and 1:24th scale.
    I havent built it, but it would make a nice diorama piece with aircraft models of these scales or could probably be scaled to fit your particular plane.
    Anyway, I thought I would share it with ya'll, its probably old news to most of you, but like I say, whats old to some is new to others. Follow this link to the model:


    Have a good evening,

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    Reminds me of the old tugs I learned to tow with. They had Chrysler flat head sixes with fluid drive. Real besast to drive--especially backing planes into the hangar.
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    Tow Tractor

    You can find a 1/32 scale of a Clark tow tractor at

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