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    Spain has two famous submarine. The Ictíneo of Monturiol
    And this. The first U-boat history.

    Copy/ paste Wiki.

    The first WAS Conceived Peral submarine on 20 September 1884, when to Lieutenant Isaac Peral wrote a paper Which Would Become historical Submarine Torpedo Project ("Project for a submarine torpedoboat)

    After Several studies and experiments, and historical HAVING Gained support from superiors and fellow Officers, Peral Exposed His idea to the Spanish navy staff. I wrote a letter to the Spanish naval Minister, vice-admiral Pezuela and Lobo, the Following year in September, 1885. Calle Peral Pezuela and Wolf to Madrid to Have a personal interview with him. After the interview Pezuela and Wolf Agree To finance Peral's preliminary studies in Cadiz with an initial budget of 5,000 pesetas, Before Launching a program to build a full-scale submarine boat.

    Isaac Peral, frustrated, retired from active naval duty in November 1891. After a medical intervention to cure the brain tumor I Had Been Suffering from for Some years, Peral Contracted meningitis. He Died from it in Berlin in May 1895. In the Same year John Philip Holland Marker to major step forward in submarine Development, Designing for the first time a mixed internal combustion / electric propulsion system That Would Overcome the limited range of batteries.

    The first submarine to go on active duty in the Spanish Navy 22 Years Later WAS built based on the Holland class submarine named after and WAS Pear. His own experimental submarine Was Written off by the navy in 1913, pero WAS salvaged and sat to Cartagena, homeport of navy's submarine fleet. There She Was kept Until the seventies, When She Was handed over to the city

    Model available in pdf file: http://heinkelmodels.webs.com/

    Excellent model built by Gerardo Escobedo (Milenio3)




    http://i1220.photobucket.com/albums/dd443/paperjerry3/Submarino Peral/DSC02055.jpg



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    A beautiful model of a beautiful submarine. And thanks for that little history lesson. I didn't know any of that history of the submarine. It's interesting how the basic shape of a submarine has not changed all that much.


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