1:400 USN Destroyers!

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  1. airbob

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    DD Sims finished!

    Here are pictures of my finished version of the DD Sims at reduced 1:400 scale...although there could be more to finish it...I am going to quit for now...and choose another project, cause I'm tired of working on this little ship and want to start another little ship!:p

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  2. eibwarrior

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    That's a nice little tin can you have there Airbob. The fine scale work you have done is quite imressive. I really liked how the torpedo tubes turned out. Very nice.

    Well done.:thumb:
  3. airbob

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    more pics of the DD-409 Sims

    Some more pictures of the DD-409 Sims before I move on to another project...note the area on the starboard midsection that my kitty "licked" before I could spray the protective coating on...some you win. and some you loose!!!...kitty was just "tasting" this new treat!!:p:p:p.....
    however....in spite of this failure..I continue to have high spirits...in fact...wait....wait...Wait!
    Lets Party!!!

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  4. jasco

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    Fabulous little ship! But where, oh, where did those 1/400 railings com from?
  5. airbob

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