1/4 scale Mercury Capsule

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    After much debate, and ribbing from my wife, I'm closing the door on adding to this project and moving on. She pointed out that I will never get to the full scale project if I keep getting distracted by little side projects.

    I posted up some files for a heat shield. If there is a problem building it, I'll fix it. I didn't take the time to build one. I spent the better part of a week on the Retro Package and just couldn't get the fit of the nozzles on the multi-faceted surface that I wanted. I can easily visualize how to make the full size one (CNC machine) so I decided to throw in the towel on this one.

    I posted a sketch of each shingle and a map in 1/4 scale. The shingles, the map, the naming convention and such is all my creation. I needed a naming convention so I just made something up years ago and just stuck with it.

    I'll continue to lurk around the discussion boards and I check my e-mail every day. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you can't figure something out.

    The photo of the retro pack is nearly useless but I thought it would be a good reminder to me after I threw the parts away. I actually finished all the parts but just couldn't get the fit on the nozzle covers. Oh well...


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  2. Thats ok sir, what you've already done is fantastic, thanks for all the work and for sharing....you've layed the ground work, we'll take it from here.
  3. PaperAir

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    Thanks Scott for all your hard work and if I hit any snags I,ll email.Hope you enjoy our builds.
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    Closet pointed out I left out the periscope photos. When I converted everything over to a new website a few months agao, lots of stuff like this slipped through. I appreciate the feed back and will always try to get if fixed ASAP. I'll get all the photos posted nice one day but for now, I just added two zip files with them. its not too bad. At least they are there...

  5. Spaceguy5

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    Just wondering, what CAD/Solid modeling programs to you use, and do you ever plan on making the original files available?
  6. Mercsim

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    Have you read this entire thread? Have you read the FAQ on the website?

    Are you a modeler? In Paper? I see this is your first post.

    I have provided files for the right reasons. Why do you want them?

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    I haven't read the entire thread or FAQ, but I have looked through much of both.

    I just registered on this forum today (Mainly because I wanted to glance at the work you and others have done), although I am registered at a few other paper modeling sites. I do paper modeling, 3D modeling, and CAD (drawing and solid models). Mostly paper and CAD, and I like to combine the two.

    I was wondering about those files because I'm interested in eventually starting on one and think they could be helpful in assembly, or if I want to modify anything.
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    Most of the work is done in Autosketch. Its one of the few CAD packages I own a license to. Its easy to use and accurate. I learned Drafting and Design the old fashioned way (I am a semi-retired Aerospace Engineer) so even doing the 3-D parts is no problem for me. They all end up on 2-D paper and besides, we sent Men to the moon this way...I use Adobe (own the license) to create the PDF files and do any final manipulation. The 3-D modeling is done by a Certified SolidWorks Professional. He also helps with the CAM to make the parts.

    As I build the full size model, I'll post detailed drawings to allow others to build the same model. Remember, this is a model that I mostly scaled from photographs that happens to resemble a 50 year old spacecraft. I don't really see the need to post dozens of CAD files. If you really want to modify a particular part or section and needs the files, I'll make them available as needed. You can see examples of Colin's solid models in the Gallery section.

    It would be great if others would contribute to the website. As Paul builds equipment, if we could scale them down (that sounds funny), we could add them to my site for others to share. Of course we'll always give credit for additional designers. It will be easy to add a page or section for this.

    I have used two different friends to help with the parts. I really wanted my own CNC router so I decided to take the plunge. Here is my first test part I finished late the other night on the router table I built. It wasn't much in the Z direction but I got it running. The table is roughly 9in x 11 in x 3.5 in. I have lots of visions of knobs, switches, instruments, valves, levers....I knew I would need one of these to do all those cool details in the cockpit.

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  9. Spaceguy5

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    Interesting. Right now, I'm just starting on an Aerospace Engineering degree--finally got all of the basic classes out of the way. It's funny how they only cover the old fashioned way of drafting for a few weeks now.

    I'm definitely interested in building at least the 1/4 model (As Mercury has always been one of my favorite spacecraft)

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