1/4 scale Mercury Capsule

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Mercsim, May 28, 2007.

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    Thats is very nice, cant wait to see the finished product
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    Im finally finishing off painting the Instrument Panel on my Atomic City Mercury model (after several months) Ive come on line to check for the colour sceme and this thread is the top one :thumb:
    Fantastic stuff,
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    Hi scott I went to down load the model and it seem there are a few threats on the page and the structure is missing. the main structure that is.Thought I just let you know.Paul
  4. 1/4 mercury

    This is fantastic. I just finished Greelt's 1/48 scale Sat V, and now on the search for somthing else. Once you build big it's hard to go back to small. i must ask, is this going to be a complete model ? I had to use designs from two other designers to complete Greelt's stack, seems no one has heard from in three years.
    I am attaching photos of the stack, with credit going to Fredric Boucher, and Ton, Ton's stack found on Lower Hudson Valley web site, I built the 2nd and 3rd stages with out instructions. I've tried to attach photos, I'm new to this forum so I hope it works, enjoy.
    Closet Asronaut
  5. Ok I've got it figured out, here's the 1/48 Sat V photos, mostly thrust structures.

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  6. Hello, is any one out there? It figures, I find another great model to work on and can't access the link for the main part of the capsule, can't get in touch with the designer, web site update, and all postongs are more than two years old. Greelt pertusma's Sat V all over again.
  7. Well, pity, but that's nothing new. There's a lot of designers and people with a webpage where they host paper models that (suddenly) get involved in other things, life takes over, a new job, kids, procrastination, whatever, well, there are even sometimes people that bring their hobbies to a total screeching halt!

    Such is life. It gets sucher every day. Unfortunately, some of the greater, perhaps legendary models-to-be perish this way. Some without instructions like the ones from Surfduke, some unfinished like Greelt's or These Merc parts.
    Put them to use. Combine them with what you have. Be creative and enlarge stuff from others to match. Scratchbuild. It's there for the use. Its just not a full pre-cooked model. Just be patient.

    Good luck! I know you got the skills it takes, looking at the Saturn V you made.
    (and welcome aboard!)
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    Those 1st 2nd and 3rd stage's look amazing !
    Ive done the 1st one but not got the room at the moment for the 2nd stage engion structure (only the 1 engion made)
    Its something Im going to be getting on with so thanks for the pics,

    JJ-UK :thumb:
  9. Can any onr tell me how I could get a down load of Scott's 1/48 mercury main body? I have the antenna and recovery pages, I would not mind if the model is unfinished I could engineer the rest but I don't have the skills or soft ware to do what he's done with the main body. I just don't want to start this with just the antenna and recovery bulkhead.
    Dose any one have the main already down loaded that could e-mail it to me?
    To K.P. I'm new to paper modeling so I'm learning the hard way about the really great model being left unfinished. I really can't believe the griping I've read about instructions not being perfect, parts not fitting ect.thats just paper modeling, especially if it's free, maybe thats why designers quit posting ther progress, , I only use instructions as a general guide any way, and test fit before glueing.
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  10. Correction on last post, it should be 1/4 mrec, not 1/48.
  11. Hey Closet Astronaut, first, just keep your calm. It kind of looks like you're frantically running around on the forum trying to get what you want as quick as possible.. Second, I do have the main structure of the 1/4 merc. Send me a PM with your email, I'll try to email it to you.
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    I took it upon myself to submit a request as well and Paper Kosmonaut came through with flying colors.

    Thank you so much

  13. Mercsim

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    Happy Holidays!

    I get an e-mail on this model almost every week. Its amazing how many people read these forums that don't post! I always respond (Closet Astronaut) unless its a bashing e-mail. Everyone that posts here has been supportive and I am NOT referring to you guys.

    I often get e-mails telling me:
    "how crappy the instructions are"

    "I can't believe you won't finish it for me because I am the most important person in the world"

    "Why didn't you make it smaller so I could print it out on my 20 year old tractor feed printer"

    "the photos are not very good"

    "I am the worlds biggest space fan and you MUST build me one of these for my collection", "for free of course", "o.k., I'll give you $100 to build me one..."

    You get the jist...I have always tried to answer e-mails for builders. Most often I ask for a photo of what the builder is having trouble with and the dialog stops there!
    Seriously? With cell phone like they are, snap a quick photo and send it to me...

    I think a lot of people just want to hoard the info and 'build it one day'. I'm sorry I'm not really interested in spending any of my valuable time to help your project, that you may get to, one day.

    I have said it over and over...If you are building one, I will help you. Tim Hinds can attest to that. What happened to his posts? Did he get booted? He was doing a nice job. He sent me photos. I spoke with him several times and sent him some plastic shingles.

    If you build it, I will help....

    I just moved my website to another server and simplified it. I don't have builder photos up yet but will add the old ones and wait for some new ones. I fired up the old drawing program and started working on the aft bulkhead and equipment shelves. This will 'finish' the model as far as my contribution to the paper part goes. We'll have to get someone else to help with wiring, hoses, and other details. I REALLY want to build a full size one. I only have 5 months to the anniversary!

    I have molds to make the aft bulkhead and heat shield from plastic. If I get a photo of your completed structure, I'll make them available. I will also try to model them out of paper for the purist.

    Keep building and keep me posted...

  14. Hey Mercism... good to hear from you again. I tried to contact you via the web-site on the other server maybe something went wrong or I did some thing wrong any way I understand the frustration designers must endure I don't understand the gripping over something thats free, escpecially after all the work that goes into the design. I think for something thats offered for free I'd be alittle more blunt with people.... if you don't like it, don't download it, don't build it, if you can't build without instructions find a new hobby. When I saw you'r 1/4 merc I was ecstatic, I have the antenna, recovery and thanks to paper kosmonaut the main body, I was giong to jump right on it, but as I studied the instructions on the top half, and the print outs on the main I felt I needed to hone my skills alittle more before attempting it.

    I have all the materials now, grey and black card stock, hole punches ect. I'm not one to start something and not finish it, this is going to be a long complicated build so I've got to get my head right and get psyched up for it. I'm currently working on an M200 sniper rifle, as soon as its done I plan to start on the capsule.

    I am curious as to how far you intend to go with the interrior of the capsule, pilot seat, controls, heat sheild,engine pack, ect.
    If I knew how to enlarge things without color degridation, on the equipment I have I already have ideas on jacking up the size of model parts I have on file that would complete it.

    Anyway thanks for this great model, looking forward to building it and to future offerings from you.

  15. Mercsim

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    Post 1 and 23 - I have seen photos from 3 builders soince the beginning of this project.

    Post 68 - I have the aft bulkhead and heatshield molds but have never actually made a part from them. Now that I'm back on this, I'll get a set done. I have an idea to use them as molds to do paper mache parts. I'll work on this and let everyone know what happens. It looks like my friend Tim may have changed his screen name. Maybe he could beta test the paper mache idea once I get some plastic parts made?

    Post 77 - So its over two years old! Where does time go? So hopefully this post answers some questions. I plan on finishing the aft bulkhead and heat shield. The big thing here is the aft bulkhead because it has all the equipment shelve on it. I am working on it as I type (really...)

    Post 85 - More about what I intend to finish....

    Post 93 - An excellent reference to Tim vacuum forming paper. We need a link here...

    Post 104 - Some good tips. I found a bunch of short videos I made showing this. I'll get them on youtube in the next few days...

    Post 108 - It really answers the most common question I get, again....

    Post 114 - This really changed my life!

    So to answer the question, again...I plan on finishing the aft bulkhead which has all the equipment shelves. Once this is done, I'll model all the equipment that goes here. This is a very visible part of the capsule and I want my full size one to be nice so I'll model it all in 1/4 paper first.

    I have molds for the domed bulkhead and heat shield but I'll try to make some paper ones using similar construction you see on paper rocket nosecones. I'll also try the paper mache thing.

    I'll do a crude couch for the 1/4 model. Maybe I can find someone to model it in 3-D and we'll make a vacuum mold.

    I'll finish mounting the instrument panel.

    This will finish it for the paper model. I don't care about the hoses, wires and such. I'll do all that on the full size one. I may get back to this one day...

    I'm glad to answer any specific questions or help with build issues. I NEED PHOTOS!!!

  16. Hey Scott one of the guys on the forum gave me this link, I can't remember who or what thread but it's a 1/12 model someone is working on with INSANE detail, maybe these could be of some use

  17. Yeah, Phil Smith is well known for his eye for detail. I followed this build when it happened and I was amazed every time he posted a new part. Incredible well detailed. I got the kit here at home but after seeing Phil's version I got stage fright to start with it. It's such a rudimentary kit - well made, but without the amount of detail you'd expect at that scale. The scratchbuilt elements Phil put in surpass the kit parts at least a hundredfold.

    By the way, good to see Scott still is following the thread. Nothing better than the designer close by. I can appreciate his opinion about not wanting to waste time on "some day" builders. Other thing might be to get the model completed and put it up for download at something like Ecardmodels, Fiddlersgreen or likewise sites and earn some well deserved money with it.
    I really am curious about that heat shield mold. Do you have any pictures of the mold to show us, Scott? Must be a big one!
  18. Mercsim

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    Here is an update! First two photos are from MD plant in 1959. Third is what I call the 'Taco' stage. Main bulkheads are done here and ready to be closed up.
    Last photo was staged just for this update. It still has some work to be done. I want to add the basic equipment on each shelf and a rough couch.

    Up to 130 pieces on the bulkhead in this picture so far...I have come up with a scheme to use magnets to hold it and the heat shield on so they can be removed for show. I'm excited to get it done and get all the files posted.

    The aft bulkhead is made in three tiers. You really won't notice it once the equipment is installed. I'll do a paper version of the heat shield with twice as many.

    Someone asked for a photo of molds. They are in storage but I'll run by and pick them up today and post some photos. Speaking of photos, where are builder photos?


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  19. That.....is awsome work. It shure doesn't look like paper. looking forward to seeing the files.
  20. Mercsim

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    Here is a photo of the heat shield mold (left) for Paper K. I can only currently vacuum form what will fit in my kitchen oven so I had it made in quarters. I also knew it would be easier to store and keep from getting dinged up. The other mold is the aft bulkhead. There is a shingle mold, the Antenna Fairing top and the full size Earth Path Indicator. I also show some test shingles. I was testing a hole punch method and paint colors.

    The other photo is some reject parts I was tossing out. I took a picture before hand. I thought it would be interesting to show how many parts it can take sometimes to get a design right.


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