1/4 scale Mercury Capsule

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  1. Mercsim

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    Houston, I found a problem....I went and printed some of the PDF files from my website. It appears I owe everyone an apology. I used an inexpensive program to make the PDF files and it shifted them over from the original CAD program.

    I have since bought the full Adobe. I just did some quick testing and think I can re-generate the files better than they are. If you have already started building, it's no big deal as all the edges get covered anyways. However, I will get on this first thing tomorrow and re-print the files.

    I apologize for any problems this may have caused.

    If you cut 5 right, you can put it on 4 and barely notice the seam. Be sure to cut all the edge line off (what little there is there in your prints) as it show if you don't.

  2. Houston -APOLLO 13: I am just finishing the Recovery section. I was going to print the Main body tomorrow. I will wait now til I hear from you.
  3. hey Scott

    Did you get the pictures I sent you from the finished instrument panel and the progress photos on the Recovery? I am almost finished with the recovery. Just some small stuff remaining. I used double layers of 110# for the cone rim at the bottom as well as the lower section of the Recovery can and the upper and lower rims I used three. This beefed it up considerably. I also laminated two sheets of 69# for the main fairing housing. So now it is a pretty stout model which should hold it's shape pretty well. Overall I tend to use a heavier stock when building large. But it doesn't work well when building the stringers. I used 69# for those. I am very very pleased with the overall ressults so far. Shame to have to cover most of it up. But then I can use the shingle to hide my mistakes.

    By the way you used magnets on yours. i went to Radio shack and couln't find them small enough what did you use?
  4. Mike_BAR

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    I will print the instructions tomorrow and search for the grey cardstock at the office supply store. Thanks for all the good work.
  5. Mercsim

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    I re-posted some of the structure and recovery files this morning. I made a note on the site. There are also photos of Tim's build in the Builders link from the Paper page. Other builders can send me your photos and I'll post them there also.

    You shouldn't need to double the paper on the forward bulkhead (cone part) attached to the recovery compartment. When you glue it into the main structure, it will become strong enough to stand on! (but don't try that)

    The magnets are 1/8" Rare Earth Magnets. Radio Shack part number 64-1895. Sometimes they are hard to find but all the Shacks' order to a computer numbering system so they should have them. Ask the clerk to look them up and then help you find them. Sometimes they are hiding...

    I'll make some more shingles this week. If you are building or thinking about building, e-mail me a mailing address and I'll send you a sample. I end up with extras, some with mistakes in them, and I would rather give them away then toss them out. If any brave souls are going to try to make paper ones like Tim did, you'll need a set just to mold the paper from. Let me know your intentions and we'll work something out.

  6. I am starting all the little pieces on the main structure now. I have the main panel with the stringers done. I glued the main structure panels 4 and 5 together and then copied onto 11x17 through my copier. that way I got a single piece with no seams. But for those who need to use 8.5x11 I suggest taping the two together from behind lining up properly and cutting both simultaniously. then you get a perfect seam joining them. Having fun, how bout the rest of your guys working on it??


    What are your plans for the heat shield? is it going to have the splashdown cushion or just the shield itself?
  7. jparenti

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    I'm still finishing work on the radio can. :oops: I've been working 60 + hours a week for a couple months, so I'm eager for the busy season to die down so I can begin the recovery section.
    Awesome work so far and I'm looking forward to the rest!
  8. Mercsim

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    I have molds for the heatshield and the aft bulkhead. These were really just made for the card model builders. I wanted the builders that started this project to be able to finish to a point where they had something to display other than a structural shell. I will provide these parts in plastic to anyone that gets this far and needs them.

    If someone wanted to design a landing bag, the heatshield should be adaptable.

    jparenti refers to the 'radio can'. I have seen reference to this term elsewhere on this Card site. As somewhat of a Mercury buff, this perplexes me. Where did it come from? I have poured through thousands of pages of MD documents and drawings over my lifetime and have only ever seen it referred to as an Antenna Fairing. Occasionally a secondary source has called it an Antenna Canister but I have never seen the term 'radio can' until here. I don't want to seem nit-picky but I think we should work hard to preserve our Space History as accurately as we can. If anyone EVER sees a mistake in my work or something is not quoted historically correct, PLEASE let me know.

    We must all work hard to keep the dream alive, the right dream...

  9. jparenti

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    You know, I'm not sure where I heard the term, either. I've always known it as an antenna fairing, too, but I have heard this term used also, in all seriousness.
    Maybe I'm losing it, too. That also seems quite possible. :mrgreen:

    I think I am guilty. Just a slang term I picked up. Don't take it too seriously. Sometimes my old memory doesn't work right so I grab what comes up rather than look up the correct term. Sorry if I offended any of you :(. I will be more careful in the future.
  11. Any idea when this project is going to the next phase? Right now mine is hanging from the ceiling and while it looks pretty impressive to all who see it, I would like to finish it.
  12. Bengt F

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    "Radio Can"


    I know where I picked it up. About two years ago, I ordered a Mercury card model (adapted from Dan Shippey of Delta 7 Studios) from http://www.fiddlersgreen.net/ and in the instructions and model sheet of this model, the 'radio can' is mentioned twice.

    I picked this word up there, before I had even heard of the correct term 'antenna fairing'. So, I may be partly a culprit for spreading the word on this forum, but I have also used the correct term in conjunction with this slang term.

    Bengt :wave:
  13. Here here! I knew there was a reason I picked that up?It is all Dan Shippey's Fault. Whew---off the hook. I have "canned" the phrase.
  14. Mercsim

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    Tim posted this on another thread:
    Here is an update...I get PM's and e-mail lots of people so sometimes I forget what I have said and where. Apparently I missed this here. This is a summer project for me. I live in the Phoenix area and the winters are too nice to sit at the computer. Because it gets so hot out in the summer (120 F), I essentially give up my outside hobbies for inside ones, like Paper modeling. My outside Hobbies are officiating Football, Flying R/C model airplanes, and building and flying full size experimental airplanes (I have three pictured on my website).

    So my outside hobby friends miss me in the Summer, and the inside ones miss me in the winter. Sorry...I look at my capsule project every day and dream about working on it again. Summer is almost here. I will finish the paper capsule and start on the full size one. I have several other people and museum's anxious for my work to continue. Patience.....

  15. jparenti

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    Hooray! It's my slow season, so I get to start up building again, too. I'm glad to see that this is an ongoing thing. Everyone looks at this model in my room, and keeps asking me why I'm building full sized spacecraft. I tell them it's only 1/4. :)
  16. Scott, you're alive!!!

    I never knew what happened. I don't recall your saying anything about a summer project. But hey whatever works for you, I am glad your back. I have had a few accidents with my model in the past months so I will have to do some repair work before proceeding further. I temporarily put the instrument panel inside and my son thought it was pretty cool. So what is the plan?
  17. Mercsim

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    I appreciate every ones's patience. The plan is to finish the mounting of the panel and periscope, finish the aft bulkhead (equipment shelves and such) and that is really about it. First on my list of things to do is to make a ton of 1/4 scale shingles. I have promised samples to several e-mail friends and I want to have a few sets standing by for builders. I'll also pull some heatshields off those molds to make sure they fit.

    I'll let everyone know once I get rolling here in a month or so. Everyone will get the parts I promised. I'm sorry I didn't post my plans as I slowed down last fall. I also have a bunch of builder stuff to add to the website and I'm going to start uploading some of my 6000 photos.

  18. col. kurtz

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    i too look forward to this being fully available :thumb:mercsim take your time im sure everyone can wait for the excellent model you will finish and make available:thumb:
  19. S ott,

    Thanks for replying and letting us know what's up. I really didn't know the situation and thought you went the way of Carl (Surfeduke). He fell off the planet and know one know what's up with him either.
  20. lancer525

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    Could you please PM me? Thanks.


    I am so utterly fascinated by this model, that I think I am going to give up my plans to build 1/12 versions of a Mercury, a Gemini, and an Apollo CSM, to do this fantastic Mercury in 1/4. This is just inspiring!

    There's only one problem. I don't see any files for the Recovery Section or the Antenna Fairing or anything at all above the top of the "cone" of the spacecraft. Am I missing something? Anyone have them?

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