1/4 scale Mercury Capsule

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  1. I uploaded them and didn't get an error mesage. so I don't know where they went. the size limits are a problem. I don't remember them being so small before the big change.
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    As nice as the main structure looks without them, when I get it finished, I'm wondering how I'll get shingles for it. I like to go all the way with a model, so I'm wonderring: How will I, with no fancy equipment to speak of, form any shingles for my Mercury? :) (Maybe one of you guys can help me out in that department?)
    One way or another, I love this model!
  3. You don't need fancy equipment to do this just lots and lots of time and patience.

    First for the antennae fairing:

    I made my own molds from plaster of paris starting with the paper model cutting out the reliefs (raised portions). I then formed the louvers with card stock and glued them in the holes to form the completed relief. I then made a plaster mold from each different section. I made a vacuum former. It is just a 12 x 12 box 4" deep with peg board on top. Drill a hole in the side and hook up to your shop vac. (don't use your home vac as the motor will burn out. They depend on the airflow to keep cool, shop vac's don't. Then loosly wrap the mold in saran wrap. (keeps it from sticking to the part) and set on top of the peg board. Using a piece of wet paper towel lay it over the mold . Then cover the whole thing (vacuum former and mold) with a larger piece of saran wrap and turn on the vac. It will vacuum form it to the mold. Work the reliefs with your fingers to get a good impression. Then remove the top piece of saran wrap and coat with a thin layer of white glue. Repeat the process three more time for a total of 4 layers. Let dry and paint cut out your part and mount it. You can also use newspaper but I found the rolled soft paper towel material better for forming. I tried with wet card stock only to have the paper fracture when forming.

    The shingles:

    Mercism was kind enough to provide a few of his plastic shingles from which I made my molds but you could do the same thing as above without them. Onle differenc is you can soak some card stock over night and do it in one step. This is because the louvers are not so deep and don't fracture or wrinkle the paper.

    Then walla! you have a pretty good 3-d comlete with molded reliefs all paper model.

    So there you are. Do you have the patience? Do you have the time? Do you have the determination? then go for it
  4. My pictures are too big for the forum. send e-mail and I will send them to you
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    The GI Joe is 12-inches tall, so I believe he is 1:6 scale.

    I doubt the GI Joe capsule is truly scale.

    You can find the re-release and original GI Joes at eBay. Here is one example: Gi Joe Mercury Astronaut

    By the way, I love your work here on real space card models.

    I have considered a 1:6 scale Mercury Capsule to display with a GI Joe Mercury Astronaut. I like to work on real space card models, flying card models as well as model rockets.


    PS- This is my first post to this fine forum.
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    I have several of each of the Mercury Joe releases including the white suit that came with the capsule, the silver suit, and the FAO Swartz special edition. I know, NERD! I'm o.k. with that...I would love to build a 1/6 scale, but just other priorities now. I don't know if we could make shingle molds that small or not but I'll check into it.

    I'll post up a builders page and put Tim's photos on it when I'm done here.

    You could build Tim's shingles. I have found him to be very persistent and I suspect he will perfect his method better than he has it now. Then we'll all be molding paper shingles! Somehow, someway, I'll make plastic ones available to people that get that far. You'll just have to trust me on that one. E-mail me.

    So, If you build it, the shingles will come to you....(no excuses now!)

  7. I am happy to assist anyone needing help making their own shingles from paper. It is really not that difficult. Pretty much just vacuum forming paper instead of plastic, with a few twists. You can use Scott's plastic ones for a mold.
  8. Mike_BAR

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    I did a search of the forum on paper casting and found a couple relevant threads.

    I did not find any true 'tutorial' but as you say, it's pretty much a paper media in traditional modeling techniques.

    Thanks for the advice.

  9. George B

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    I'd be interested in your forming techniques. :yep:
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    Just a quick update...I posted the files for the periscope. It doesn't include the panel mounting brackets or the knobs but its pretty close. It should be a fun little stand alone project. You could paste your favorite earth photo on there and display the scope nicely. There is also some crude instrument panels you could glue on and display the entire periscope and instrument panel. The instructions tell you NOT to glue the lower housing to the upper but for a stand alone display, it would be cool. You should be able to finish it in a few hours. There's not that many parts.


    The Instrument panels could use some 'depth' but I just don't have the time. A good card modeler could do a nice job of bringing them to life with some little boxes for warning lights and some extra paper stock for switches. Add a few painted toothpicks and it might not look half bad. You could print a few copies and cut-n-paste parts to give it some more depth. Any takers?

    I promised some builders shingles samples. I didn't forget you! I just heard from the plastic supplier and they think my stock will be here next week.

    If you have any photos, I'll post them. I will also add another page with other Mercury Card model photos if anyone wants to send pics of their work.
  11. Sounds like my kind of project. I will send pics when finished
  12. The Hermit

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    thank you for such a awesome model
    im going to have to dust off the old inkjet and give it a go!

    the hermit
  13. Mercsim

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    Yipee! Another victim! Oh, did I type that in plain view...Welcome aboard Hermit.

    Thanks to my awesome friend Colin, I now have nearly a complete set of molds for the shingles. I have 16 for the main shingles. I have one for the Antenna Fairing top. He is working on the Antenna Fairing sides and 2 for the Hatch. I have molds for the spherical aft bulkhead and the heatshield. For those not familiar with vacuum forming, once I have the equipment set up, it take just a few minutes to make a pull. My table is such that I should be able to make about 8 parts at time. So in three or four pulls,I should be able to make a complete set of shingles. The bulkhead and heatshield are in quarters so this might be a few more pulls. So what is the bottom line?

    I should be able to make a complete set of parts (shingles, fairing sides, heatshield, aft bulkhead) in less than an hour. There is probably $20 worth of plastic involved. So for the first few builders that post photos here of the finished main structure with recovery compartment, I'll send you a complete set of the parts, for free ninety free! Tim is on his way, who's next.

    I truly believe if you make the paper model and had these plastic parts, you will truly have a museum quality model. Tim will tell you it doesn't take a lot of skill, just a lot of patience. There are a LOT of parts.

    I'll get sample shingles and photos out this week.

  14. The Hermit

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    the big plung

    edit : ok i just read the above post, im starting printing 8)

    those paper shingles look really really hard to do, i doubt i could pull that off, im thinking of starting off with the space craft hull, im going to go with a grey card stock im wondering what kind of wieght i should do and has any one else attempeted it, if so got any pointers?

  15. The Hermit

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    fyi all of the panels are 404 missing on the website...
    are they out for editing?
  16. The Hermit

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    i just printed all of the pages for the main craft
    and i have a question for any one that has built it,
    on card 4a and card 5a when assembling the 2 pieces what kind of join joint is it? the photos dont show this clearly,
    is it a butt joint and if so are the bulkheads what you use to join them or am i wrong and its just a simple layover joint. i dont wanna start messing up allready. maybe i stare harder at photos on website.
    would love close ups of them, that would solve the question.

    i will get batteries for my camera and shoot some pics after i get this figured out

    it might just be my thick headedness lol

  17. Mercsim

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    I love beta builders! The missing panels have a link of their own from the front page. I forgot to take them off the Paper page. I just did.

    I got a 250 sheet ream of 110# card stock from the office supply store in Gray. It was about $9. I used this for most of the structure. I accented it with a different color gray I got from the scrapbook store in 65#. 65 is good for most stuff but the ream of 110# was cheap and a different color! Some of the smaller parts are best done in paper (20-25). I got some light gray paper from the office supply store also.

    When you lay 4 and 5 together, they should overlap about 1/4 inch to get the markings to line up. A few builders have had problems printing in exact scale. Check the scaling on your print settings and measure the test page before you get too far. I periodically do this to make sure my print settings didn't get changed in PDF. I check my e-mail several times during the day. If you e-mail me, I'll also give you my phone number. I really want you to have a good time and be successful. The more input I get, the easier it will be for the next builder.

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    Wow - that's great service, especially for a free model!
    I bet there's some Halinski builder's out there that would love to have a help line to call to decipher some part numbers / diagrams. I haven't even started cutting on any of their models and have run across things that confused me - even with some pretty comprehensive build threads out there.
    I haven't gotten into the real space modelling yet - but given the amazing kits that are currently out there, at some point I may. Great job to all of you designers and builders showing an amazing passion for this subject!
  19. Send me your e-mail and I will send instructions. I tried uploading it but every time I try the board tells me the file is too big. Even when I shrink it down to the size they recommend.
  20. The Hermit

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    ok great! i am using the same 110#,
    as for the over lap i assume 5a is on top of 4a, at least thats what i think looks best and as for scale my printer wont do full size all of the sheets are off center they are more to the left and that caused part of it to not be printed if they were moved over a bit i could print it no problem but as is i have to scale it down to 98% and then it prints no problem
    not a big deal but i do really like to print at the models stated scale and if that was fixed then i could, btw i have a hp printer and rarely have to do that, just my 2 cents and might not be worth the effort to fix since you can just scale down to print.
    i love this thing
    so does my cat
    i think it could make a really cool bed for her... lol j/k


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