1/4 scale Mercury Capsule

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Mercsim, May 28, 2007.

  1. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Just a suggest.....

    Mike Vink has been doing a wonderful job, working up instruction sets for My projects. He also has the ability to do correction, & update work, (In Autocad). It may be worth Your while to contact Him, (It is great to have other talented folks helping as You, move forward).

    I would be glad to give You the .dxf, or .dwg files, of the full interior for You to scale, and edit, to fit You fine model, (It would save You more than a few Hours). I am heading to the Cape in a Hour or So. I am going to meet with Scott Carpenter, (among others). I will bring back as much new information as possible.
  2. Loopy

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    Beautiful model! Do you have a timeline in mind for the release of the rest of the capsule?
  3. Mercsim

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    Timeline....As I said in the first post, instructions are the hardest thing. I suppose I could post up the rest of the files to complete the model as shown in the first post. I need to work on a mold for the heat shield. I don't know if I want to paper mache it or vacuum form it. Good card modelers could make it from paper but I want it a little more scale-like than that. I know it sounds selfish, but I started this for me. I decided to share it after much discussion from friends and family. Remember, I only started the paper model to clarify construciton details for my full size capsule.

    I was really hoping to see some photos from builders. I thought this would 'encourage' me to keep working. I think I mentioned in the first post, I would respond if the model was actually being built. Please understand how complicated this whole thing is. There are over 1000 parts in the photo I first posted. If no one builds it, I'm not going to spend time with instructions. If just a few modelers start it, maybe I can get away with answering individual questions as we go instead of formal instructions....

    So to answer the timeline question, if I see some photos and builders run out of stuff to build, I'll work harder. I'll clean up the files for the major structure and post them this week, without instructions...

  4. SAustin16

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    Although I'm sure some people here are intrigued by the prospect of building from your files, I don't think you should feel obligated to support such a large project any more than you want to, or have time for. This is the most complex model I've ever encountered in any medium. As a person who has written instructions and processes for aerospace, I understand that an immense amount of time is involved to write clear, concise, and thorough instructions that won't draw even more questions, even for a relatively simple projects.

    I think it's great that you provided the drawings. There may be others here who have the time and energy to take this on...maybe a team can be formed.

    Thanks for posting your pictures, and inspiring even more detailed model-building within the Forum.
  5. progress

    I havn't started building yet as i just got the supplies in the mail. I have to order online as I can't drive due to my disability. I have been practicing some interesting techniques on creating the corrugated siding. I came up with an embossing technique that works pretty good. Unfortunately you have to do each indentation sepaterely so it is very tedious. the virtical ones on the top are relatively easy. For the sides I found that if you corrugate a strip and cut it to width then glue virtical strips in between it works pretty good. But so far I haven't actually done it on colored paper yet. So this is still in the trial and error stage. What speak you of these molds and panels?
  6. Mercsim

    Mercsim Member

    As I show on my web site and I mentioned in the e-mail, I'm working on them and will keep you posted. I have some full size molds done but not 1/4 scale, yet.

  7. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    I am actually going to try my hand at this, and I've been known to assemble models without the benefit of instructions, so I'm game for this one. As far as detailed instructions go, a set of pictures of various components during the stages of assembly would suffice for me, as well as some others on here. Even pictures of the finished assembly are enough for me sometimes. I may be one of those asking the occasional question, though. ;)
    By all means, don't force yourself, but I can speak for everyone I think when I say it's appreciated to have anything you offer. I'll be watching your progress on the 1/1 scale capsule, now that I've seen your site! :)
    I'm printing out pieces as we speak. Just gotta see if the black cardstock I have is right for the job...
  8. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    My progress thus far. Left my hole punch at home so I stalled on some parts until I get there. :oops: As complex as this assembly looks in the end result photos you provided, it's going together easily so far:
  9. SAustin16

    SAustin16 Member


    That looks GREAT. Very professional.
  10. Mercsim

    Mercsim Member

    Its great to see someone's start! It looks great also! Don't worry about the colors. The real one was pretty much all the same (titanium and aluminum). The different colors here just help to highlight the structure. Besides, no one will ever call BS on you! Keep coming with the photos and let me know if you need anything.

  11. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    One from The Sigma 7 display!

    A fresh Reference Shot from the display,

    Have a great day,

  12. I am getting their with my build. did you want progress photos or the finished deal. I am working on figuring out some of the detail not explained. So in my old age it isn't coming to me as fast as it used to. But keep on going I am anxious to have the whole thing eventually.

  13. I find the photo of the actual side panel intriguing. How bout pasting the actual photo's over the paper model parts. That would lend an added realism. I would do it myself but I don't have the other panels. I am still working on the corrugation technique. I did find that when I print the photo on silver paper I get a very interesting color and effect. I would really like to try that for the finished product.
  14. Mercsim

    Mercsim Member

    We certainly want progress photos! I check my mail several times a day so don't hesitate to ask me questions or post them here. Posting them here might help any future builders. I have photographs of mine also so I could also post or link to specific photos if you have questions. I could also add a page to the website for builders photos.

  15. jparenti

    jparenti Member

    Still working at it, but my camera is out of battery power at the moment. Hope to get another one up later.
    Progress is good so far. I'm getting ready to start the outer skin of the antenna housing.
  16. Beautyfull!!!!!! This can go straight in to a museum!
    Cheers, Billy
  17. Well I perfected the paper "formed" shingles. They look almost as good as the plastic ones. I made two molds for the antenna fairing in approx the final radius. I am working with different papers right now to achieve the best results. But overall I think we can end up with a pretty realistic "All Paper" end result. I will send pictures when i get the Fairing done. I have the structure built now it needs the skin. But I think your going to like it.
  18. Well after much trial and error here are the photos of my efforts to achieve maximum reality with paper.
  19. Mercsim

    Mercsim Member

    I saw Tim's photos and they are great! The dedicated card modeler will need them on their capsule. I had some builders interested in building my capsule in a smaller scale, particularly in 1/6 scale (GI Joe). If anyone starts one, let us know. Tim's shingles would be cool on that size. Someone out there check my math but the GI Joe capsule is more like 1/8 scale. 1/6 scale will make the capsule around 12" in Diameter. The Joe one is around 9. If you were going to use Tim's shingles, you could skip most of the details and put one together fairly quickly. What a great way to display your favorite Joe!

    I posted the Structure files on the Web. It's missing a few minor details but I think I am going to move on to the interior. I fluffed up the site a little and put some more photos in the gallery.

  20. lairdre

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    Does anyone know where Tim's pictures ended up?

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