1/35 Russian tanks

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by charliec, May 22, 2004.

  1. charliec

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    There are 2 models of 1/35 Russian tanks:
    T-38 ( 1930s amphibious tank) http://jtdigest.narod.ru/dig2_04/museum.htm
    T-70 ( WW2 light tank) http://jtdigest.narod.ru/dig2_04/museum2.htm

    It looks to me as if old designs from the "Young Technician" magazine are being recycled. The printing and colouring are fairly crude by modern standards. However there aren't many models around of these tanks. I suspect these models might be better as 1/72 after recolouring/resizing.


  2. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    I've rescaled the JT Digest T-70 as 1/72 and am in the process of building it -
    it looks like it's going to come out as a model something like the PaperTigerArmaments models.

    Please indicate if interested in this model. If so I'll work it up to a postable form.


  3. George

    George Member

    You can also find a good T70 on this link:


    Russian instructions...but you can't have it all!!!
  4. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    The build diagrams in Bug's model make the text unecessary. Be warned about this model - it needs reinforcement on the hull sides otherwise the road wheels won't sit straight because the sides bend inward from the model's weight. It's a nice model though - pretty accurate and not too difficult to build.

    There aren't too many models around of the WW2 Soviet light tanks - there's supposed to be an old Maly model of the T-70 but I haven't heard any reports about that.

    It's a pity Bug seems to have vanished - he had a number of interesting AFV model designs on his website.


  5. Macaloni

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    @Charlie: I've bought a T-26 produced by ModelCard. This model is not longer available, i think. I've scanned the pages and if you are interested, i'll put the scans on my server so you can download them, but you have to resize it because the scale is 1:25.


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