1:33 Scale AN-2 GPM-126

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  1. meatbomber

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    Hello Zealots :)

    i`d like to present to you my latest flying papermodel built with well not paper but again durobatics foam:

    a GPM 1:33 scale AN-2

    She`s my most scale looking bird to date! The GPM plan is easy to build and really catches the shape of teh bird perfectly!

    Wingspann 540mm
    Wing Area 6dm²
    Weight 36g (all up flying weight)
    Wingloading 6g/dm² (real indoor slowflier)
    7mm brushed motor with 4:1 gearing, Microinvent 6030 carbon prop wth diameter reduced by 12mm for ground clearance
    The rest is stock kyosho Minium equipment.

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  3. tomazs

    tomazs New Member

    :eek::eek: DAMN :eek::eek:

    cuold you add some blueprints about r/c planes o something what you use to this plane
  4. meatbomber

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  5. redhorse

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    That's beautiful! Do you have a homepage somewhere with all of your models?
  6. meatbomber

    meatbomber New Member

    Thanks but nope but you can find pretty much everything i build on www.rcgroups.com if you search for meatbomber
  7. yaniv

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    this model look realy like a real bird
    i also a part of the rcgruop
    and tray lots of time to make my paper model into rc model but never find how to do it :(

    thank u for sharing us with your great work
  8. yaniv

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