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Discussion in 'G / O / S Scale Model Trains' started by Bongo Boy, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. Bongo Boy

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    Okay, kids. I'm having a real tough time here. In my supreme newbieness, it seems that nearly no freekin' one produces 1:32 models. It kinda looks like Accucraft and LTH are the 1:32 guys, with Aristocraft and LGB doing everything but 1:32. Am I Out to Lunch, or is this about right?

    I can't afford Accucraft, bless their hearts, LTH sounds like a proprietary risk, and even LGB appears to NOT have a switcher and a locomotive model based on prototypes from the same planet and era. Am i wrong?

    Man, Bongo is one frustrated newbie. Hep meh.
  2. SteveJ

    SteveJ New Member

    Bongo Boy
    You're right.
    I'm guessing you mean MTH, as I've never heard of LTH.
    Large scale has a much bigger narrow gauge following than other scales.
    If you want to model standard standard gauge in large scale your choices are the limited 1:32 scale offerings you mention or accept the 1:29 scale compromise that Aristocraft and USA Trains offer.
    Aristo and USA offer a much wider variety of models than you can find at 1:32, and at better prices.
    Why 1:29. I've never heard a defintive answer, but the commonly held belief is that they wanted some visual compatibility to LGB's 1:22.5 scale models of meter gauge European prototypes. LGB was the main large scale manfucturer around at the time.
    Be aware that there is no standardization of coupler type, or height in the large scale world. It's best to standardize on one and convert everything to that standard. Some go with Kaydee, others stick with the proprietry coupler type of their favourite manufacturer.
    There are a couple of large scale only forums out there, you may wish to visit them to hear all this in all the gory detail.
  3. Slick

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    Wow, Maynard B. Krebs.....It's you! Unfortunately you are right about the scale offerings in Gauge 1 , Thankfully it all runs on 45mm track. Too much time wasted on "scale and gauge" you may want to check out Aristocraft, good stuff in 1/29.
  4. Oldmax

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    :cool: Bongo Boy

    MTH Might be your best buy Come with DCC & all Bells & sounds at about the price of aristo and you buy DCC ,Bells & Sound For same price then have to pay someone to install DCC, Bells & sound. Aristo Rolling stock also with plastic wheels for from $60 to $90 & you can buy other brands with Metal wheels much cheaper standing three feet away from them you can't tell differance. Most people I know use Kaydee Couplers some even use body mount. They far better than others. I have friend that is selling all his aristo and going to another brand because he cant get rolling stock from them with metal wheels. He has about $40,000 in "G" scale trains.
  5. SteveJ

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    MTH does not come with DCC. It uses a proprietry system that is totally incompatible with DCC.
    I have heard very favourable reports as the sound quality, but its definitely not DCC.
  6. Oldmax

    Oldmax Member

    The MTH sound is great "up with the best". LGB is mostly 1/20 or Narrow gauge. Their engines run great & just keep going year after year. I have 5 LGBs two are 93s rest up to 95s are still running good.with a min of repair.

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