1/32 Airfix kitbashed figurines : French Indochina

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    Hi everyone!

    There is not only paper in my modelist life...

    Here are some pictures of ephemerial dioramas, about French Indochina conflict.

    Figurines are from the 8th army box, and modified to give them aspect of french soldiers of the CEFEO - (french expeditionary force of the far east) period 1946-1954.

    First , an "EVASAN" (Medevac) by the french "Toubib" (Doctor, in arabic).
    The figures are : Captain Cabiro, smoking a "Gauloise", the doctor calling help with his radio, and a captain of the foreign legion, filling his pipe:


    Here, General Coigny look over the troops:
    from left to right : Le père Chevalier, aumonier du 8ème BPC (Father Chevalier, military chaplain of the 8th batalion colonial paratroopers), a standard bearer of the 2ème BEP (2nd batalion foreign legion), General Coigny , and Pierre Schoendoerffer (journalist, novelist, film director and war correspondant).

    Ambush on the RC4 (Colonial way N.4):
    two legionnaires, two different uniforms.

    General René Coigny:


    Captain Cabiro aka "Le Cab", hurt in action.


    Hope you enjoy


    Thanh Thuy.
  2. Maico Shark

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    WOW! You have a lot of talent...for modeling...and photography. Those dioramas come alive....
  3. juatokaz

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    yes, i agree
  4. dinhonghai

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    I like this
  5. jackball74

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    have these photos been moved? All I can see are small boxes with question marks in them.

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