1:250 Scale USS Helena

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Darwin, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Another week gone by. The wife is no longer hassling me about all the white places. The conditions were terrible outside for photographing detail, but with help from Photoshop, I think the pics are adequate for posting. All things considered, the project has been a success. I set out to see if the 1:400 scale JSC kits can be enlarged and, without major redesigning of the kit, make the basis of a respectable large-scale model. I think I've shown the answer is a definite yes. The detail level I've taken it to will probably not satisfy the super-scale builders, but I think the reworked JSC kits would give them a solid structure for adding superdetails to. Still a couple of tiddly-bit parts lying on the workbench to be added, and a couple more small parts that I really should draw and add to the kit (the original JSC kit looks as if the designer intended putting in the ladders on the forward end of the superstructure and some ready-ammo lockers near the aft gun tubs, but didn't get the proverbial round tuit prior to publishing). Then the exacting stuff (railings and rigging).
  2. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    The next project is already in the wings....in fact, I kind of shoved it aside to work on this one....a 1:250 full-hull IJN Mogami....the treaty buster that prompted the Helena to have been built in the first place. I wish this string had garnered a bit more interaction from the group. Although not my first ship model, the Helena is my first build attempt of a military ship, and the first large scale model I've attempted. I was hoping to get some feedback to learn from. Such was not to be. :cry:
  3. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Darwin

    If nothing else you have given me the inspiration to have a go at doing this with a some JSC kits that are coming my way soon.
    As a lot of the guy's will tell you I don't build small scale or anything that does not have a big red bit.
    In my opinion without it, to me they are just scrap card to be used for something else.

    Another good reason for doing this is that a lot of models done in the smaller scale are not available in 1/200 :cry:

    BUT and a BIG BUT this has changed my mind that it's worth having ago at building them in the large scale and adding the lower hull.

    Very nice build and can't wait for your Mogami project soon.

    Some photo's when you have rigged here would be great

    Keep a it

  4. barry

    barry Active Member


    It looks good to me, trouble was I have no more knowledge than you at this. The only thing that would improve the ship no end is some soot down the chimney it looks odd white and some handbuilt funnel caps and that's nitpicking. Look forward like Rob to Mogami.

    Are you going to put some rails on her ?

  5. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    The white in the stacks bothers me as well....I can't find any pics of the Helena that show any type of funnel caps. Before I'm done with it, I think I'll swab down the insides with some black water color. For any future builds, I've added some back-side files to color the backs of selected parts, including the turret sides. I just picked up a box of inkjet transparency pages today (I found out the hard way why it didn't have a price anywhere visible on the shelf it was stored on.....major pricey, but should be enough sheets to last me a long while), and intend to draw up a page of various 1:250 railings to try on her. If it works, I'll go ahead and post the railings file in the parts bin. If I run across a good enough set of drawings, I still may add the red parts to her.
  6. jrts

    jrts Active Member

    Hi Darwin

    With the funnel caps, from some of the photo's I have of the Brooklyn's they did not have them. From what I can see the funnels are as you have them on the model.
    The larger Clevelands did though and trunk extensions on the top the same type as the Fletcher class destroyers.

    I would post or send you the photo's but they are of such poor qualitiy that they won't scan and still see the details. (I have tried) :cry:

    It might be a good idea to fit a former inside the funnel, say 5 to 10mm down the inside painted black.

    Hope this helps

  7. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Hi Darwin, I found a few fuzzy pics as well , they didn't have a cap per se some pics show a simple wire cross aligned fore and aft, but all show the top area and inside black, hope it helps, by the by, this is a great build and I'll be referencing it when the time comes to do mine
  8. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Thanks, guys. The former idea would be hard to retrofit, but I'm going to add it to the parts pages for possible future builds. For this one, I just may fake it by adding a black disk to the top of the stacks.
  9. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Two completions in one weekend....a new record.
  10. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    That's it. Now to go outside and see if the neighbor manages to light his pasture on fire again with the Wyoming illegals.
  11. rkelterer

    rkelterer Member


    beatiful - as beautiful as the greek helena 8) .

    greetings from austria
  12. Gil

    Gil Active Member


    Definitely a record! Congratulations on the beautiful Helena..., you've done a great job of going it alone without a whole lot of feedback from the group. The reason maybe that everyone was watching to see you lead the way which you did with virve and elan.

    Thanks, Gil
  13. barry

    barry Active Member


    Great job

  14. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    Good Job,she finally has sprung to life, of course you know this means You've added yet another conversion to have to follow in your wake, but you've showed not only that it can be done but How it can be done, thanks again Darwin, T
  15. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hi, Darwin! :D

    Jeez, how did this build thread slip under my radar? :? I wish I had seen this thread earlier on. :(

    A masterful job of upscaling this kit, Darwin! :D It's great to see how the JSC kits can be upscaled, though, as Ted said earlier on, the JSC kits have little by way of detail at the 1:400 scale, so when you upscale they beg for some additional details; but you have certainly done a magnificent job of it. I like how the railing templates came out!

    I sort of wonder how the fitting problems come about during the process, most likely the result of a problem at the original scale which might go unnoticed until you enlarge the parts. Being a total ignoramous with computer programs I had a bit of trouble following your explanation of the process you used (your April 28th posting) in enlarging the parts...I must get a mental block whenever "pixals" are mentioned. :? I did get the gist of it despite my computer ignorance, and would be very interested in learning more about this program Image Forge that you used. Perhaps a tutorial like you mentioned might help to explain the process to idiots like me.

    Anyway, this is a brilliant build thread and I'm glad I found it, albeit later than earlier.


  16. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Jim, since you expressed interest, I've started on a tutorial. I forwarded Rick a pdf file of the first installment, and hopefully he will post it somewhere it can be downloaded. As a teaser, here is a screenshot of the program.

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