1/25 scale figures?

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    does anyone know were/what to look for in regards to figures in this scale 1/25 seem to be rare even thogh there not that big(i have 1/16 figures with my 1/16 panzer and there not that big) ive also found out that some of the super cheap "army men" aparently come close to this scale if anyone can point me in the direction of these ill be happy:mrgreen:
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    thanks! its a shame i dont model in 1/72 or 1/35 theres millions of them and the cheap "army men" are nearly always recasts of figures issued by some of the big manufactures like airfix or revell i have a load of 1/72 soilders that are direct copies of airfix american gi,s i got them from a crane machine at the arcade:mrgreen: becuase there copies of the more expensive kits there worth buying if you want alot of troops once there painted up they look as good as any
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    1:25 scale Figures

    I sense the need for a "cottage industry" here.......

    Ah yes: "Maly Rodina"..........

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    A couple of the GPM kits come with onboard crewman. The Elephant and the ME110 I think.

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    i have some gpm card people from a polish truck kit im sorry but card people just dont cut it for me......tamiya produced 1:25 german troops in plastic and white metal ive pcked up a few from ebay but there of 70s early 80s vintage and therefore quite hard to find

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    WOW! nice find... kinda rare.
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    Tamiya produced a 1:25 scale Panther and a T34 each came with 4 figures that are very good. Dragon purchased the kits and you can sometimes find them at the IPMS vender shows. I purchased a set on EBay for under $15 including shipping. They are not too common on EBay so you need to keep looking for them.

    There are also sources for “G” Scale figures and if you can find the workman figures they can be reworked in to military figures. Preisler also makes a set of 1:25 scale WWIIGerman infantry weapons see here that look very good.

    I have contacted Dragon to see if they would sell the figures from their kits they will but the issue is quantities and I doubt if the US paper model community could support the quantities required. Drop me a private message if you are interested in getting a set.

    Jim Nunn


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    Gang: The Tamiya figures were, indeed, issued in the late 70's and early 80s as plastic kits. There were 2 series: American GI's and Germans, in a variety of poses and with Tamiya's excellent attention to detail.

    I worked with a couple as part of a diorama that I did for the Manitoba Model Soldier Society back at that time, and wish I had bought more: for $5.00 a piece Cdn at that time, I REALLY wish I had done so!!
    Especially as regards plastic figures, these were great!

    The Tamiya figures are still available, but now in a limited range, white metal, costly, and appear to be in the process of being discontinued: S q u a d r o n . c o m - Cookie


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    the white metal ones are newer? ive only seen one american soldier i bid on the germans as i find them(depending on price) seeing on how rare they are i may clone them in resin before i build/paint them just in case..:thumb: there is a big gap between 1/35 and 1/16 that someone needs to fill
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    I hear ya!

    Nothing wrong with cloning figures, especially if they are rare, as long as you intend to use the clones for your own use.

    Have you been following my 1:33 pilot figure thread? Forget the lousy pictures: I am about to start ch. 2 with better pix. Follow on!!

    Figure conversion is not difficult. In fact, it is easier than rigging a small-scale ship or a biplane model.

    Figures are very important to me as a model builder. I much enjoy card, plastic and 1:1 scale modelling, and certainly at my advanced, declining age, would love to work in the larger 1:25 scale as I can see much better there!! However, I come from the old school of modeling that sort of demands a figure to set the scale, and that "a figureless model, no matter how well done, is a dead thing". (Readers, do not take offence. I believe that I actually heard that quote directly from Sheperd Paine in Chicago in 1984)

    So I resize 1:25 to 1:35 (71.4%) and I bash on. Meanwhile, I, too, continually look for suitable figures. Preiser has some 1:87 railway workers that will do well as crewmen for my 1:100 Fly Model Surcouf.

    I need some 1:72 figures for a custom ship model for my niece's retirement from the Navy.

    But what's happened to my Dragon 1:35 Modern Soviet tank troops, and the Tamiya 1:25 troops etc?

    Where do I find the 1:25 scale figures to animate the vast new Modelik SCUD?

    I guess, my friend, we gotta help ourselves.

    I am thinking very seriously about this.

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    If you look at these items on fleabay #260202440362 & 300186699257 Differet sellers, similar items. go to the list & see the 1/24 people they have the 1/30 people are ok for 1/32 (actually I think they are 1/32 in size) but too big for 1/35
    1/72-1/87 H0/00 scale people will do then we get to 1/150 & 1/200 scale people, I need a million it seems in 1/200, for the Yamato & Musashi dio

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    if anyones looking for 1/100,1/200,1/50 ive noticed my university shop is selling scale figures aswell as tress and whatnots(my university runs architecture degrees) i saw some of the models from last years archtecture degree show that had 1:24 civilians i will try and find were they came from
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    Does anyone has anything new on these 1:25(1:24) military figures ?
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    thanks guys .
    being desperate,this is something I have tried to do over the weekend .( needs better paint job)


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