1-25 Scale Armor Forum 1st Birthday

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    On account of the first Forum`s birthday I would like to wish all Users and Guests the best wishes successes not only on our hobby space, but mostly in private life .

    This Forum exist thanks You ,that Your works determine its value , Your advices and notices help to built better and more interesting models.
    If You remember Forum started with technical problems ,we move 2 times date base ,and some of You with a great patience bring forward his posts. Thank You again.
    Just a little statistic for summarize this year -we have 100 Users ,who has written 2477posts at 474 topics. This board have totally 24466 visitors.

    Our Users and Guests come from all continents ,dominate paper-card modelers who determines very strong armor group.
    Plastic department has small representation , because the offer of models in this scale is really poor.
    I hope it changes in future.

    Recently Forum completes of Portal and Panzer Hobby Art Shop with models and accessories in 1-25 scale. Will be nice if You find there all ,what You need for Your armour hobby. I plane to add books and bibliography ,if shop will grow up.

    Forum is a community ,who has sheriffs .They serve You and look after peace and order .
    All Friends ,who duties this sometimes unpleasure and ungrateful function I would like to say Thank You.
    That great ,that I can rely You!

    All Guests- funs who builts or/and has got even single armor model in 1-25 scale welcome to registration and introduction this model. Lots of this great armor art lost on different forums ,they are unobserved in view of its rare scale. Lets glory and participate Your armor models with us !
    Great welcome again and again,Happy birthday!

    Send reagards for all Friends from Zealot Hobby Forum / Card Models Forum !

  2. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Congrats... I was checking out some builds on that forum and there were incredible.

    Talented group.


    Thank You very much StevO.

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