1:24 Williams FW30

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by MDesign, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. MDesign

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    Download that file at your own risk folks.

    I sure won't. A new person posting a link to a file that is not his and it's zipped.
  3. MDesign

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    Here`s some pictures of it. I forgot to post them.[​IMG]
    Model is in PDF file.
  4. causticphlegm

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    It's just what he said it was. Welcome to the forum MDesign and thanks for the heads up on that car. :wave:
  5. Nothing

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    that is a seriously awsome looking model. did you find this on a web site? we generally like to post the web site when we share finds like this, and not direct link to the models.
    if you could edit your post with the original website it would be great.
  6. zealousy

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  7. MDesign

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    Hi. I accidentally deleted my first post.
    Here`s direct link to this model:
    Deleted - direct link
  8. atamjeet

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    Something very well detailed... Would love to make this one.
  9. Cut 'n' Paste

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    Don't worry - it's quite OK - and a good model too.
  10. cts125

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    Where is this model?
  11. Chas

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    A build thread about the Williams FW30 model can be found at Racing Paper Models forum:


    Look in "Formula 1/Open Wheels" then in topic "About Williams... " thread for further info...

    The thread started out as a help request for putting together wheels for an FW24, a member showcased their work on an FW30 model they had been working on eventually posting a white model to download. Another person then contributed the color versions of the racer for the 2008 team...

    Simply stunning, beautiful model imho...

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