1/24 Mercury Spacecraft Model

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    I understand the math here but can i do that with adobe acrobat(free version) or do i need some other program for enlargeing a PDF. In the past all's i could do was print and enlarge with a copier.
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    Yeah, you can scale it with the free version. Just click on properties in your print window, then click on the Page Set up tab, and then under printing type select scaled printing, and then you can enter the percentage you want.
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    You can also do it in Jasc's Paint Shop Pro. Version 9 will open PDF files. You can then shrink or enlarge the page. You can clip individual parts, resize them and print them individually on regular-sized paper also.

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    Thanks folks, looking to do a CSM, Gemini, and Orion all in 1/24 to go with my Mercury i just finished. Thanks again.
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    Has anyone seen a 1/24 scale skin, for lack of a better term, for Shepards Mercury capsule? I thought there were several done? Thanks in advance.
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    Freedom VII

    Hi guys,
    at Modellbauers Referenz I found this picture of the back pack of the Mercury Freedom VII. Someone knows what are those packages around the retro rockets?
    Thanks, Nando

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    None of the Project Mercury manuals I have show that configuration of the retrograde package. I can only assume that it has something to do with the retro rocket system, possibly on a later version or a test system that never flew. Since the heatshield is solid, it wouldn't go to anything inside the ship and would be lost when the retrograde package was jettisoned.

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    I recently heard that the first Mercury capsule that Shepard flew was slightly different than the rest? I recently saw a picture showing it to have a round porthole style window instead of the rectangular one i keep seeing here? Anyone know of theses differences? Thanks.
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    Okay, after doing some more digging, this particular capsule is the "Freedom 7 II" that was supposed to be flown by Alan Shepard on a multi-day flight. Unfortunately, it never flew. You can find more photos of it at: Ninfinger Productions: Mercury Photos

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    With reference to the configuration of the retrograde package I found the following text at Mercury MA-10 :

    1963 Mar 11 - Clearances between Mercury spacecraft retropack and launch vehicle adapter Spacecraft: Mercury.
    Based on a request from the Manned Spacecraft Center, McDonnell submitted a review of clearances between the Mercury spacecraft 15B retropack and the launch vehicle adapter during separation maneuvers. This review was prompted by the fact that additional batteries and a water tank had been installed on the sides of the retropack. According to the McDonnell study the clearance safety margin was quite adequate.

    Due to the fact that Mercury spacecraft 15B was provided for a one day mission (MODM) additional batteries and water tank might have been necessary.

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    Thank You all ...

    for the quick and exhaustive answer about my question.

    Thanks to all again,

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