1:200 Fuso and Nagato models...are they realistic

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by gian7675, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Here I am again in the ship category :)

    Just wondering if the:

    1:200 Answer-Angraf Fuso
    1:200 Gomix-Fly Model Nagato

    Are of the same quality as the GPM Ships.

    Thanks in advance! :)
  2. cmdrted

    cmdrted Active Member

    You might consider the digital navy Fuso in 1/250 downloadable kit very realistic, tried and true fitting. See Barrys posting/build of this gem on the site, or the sister sites!
  3. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Thanks for the heads-up but...it seems that the link for the actual build is not working :(

    http://www.cardmodels.net/forum/showthread.php?t=2255&highlight=fuso 1/250
  4. Clashster

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  5. Andrew Austin

    Andrew Austin Member

    Having built the Digital Navy Fuso, I can certainly recommend it - the fit is superb and so is the design.


  6. Highlander

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  7. Marko

    Marko New Member

    i think personally, since the recent halinski's models are extreme productions, the Fuso will be one too. but don't get me wrong, this means an extreme detailed model and so a very nice ship when built, but the publisher simply doesn't simplify any details which should be simplified at 1:200 scale(so it has 2x more extreme small parts than needed)

    and i think the constructor on answers fuso is the same as at GPMs SHOKAKU (by the way thats an impressive model) + you may purchase for answers fuso lasercut framework, lasercut small parts for superstructure, catapults, bridge, searchlights.....
    so i think the answer has more advantages....plus on the one hand it'll offer more pleasure at building it, but on the other hand,the halinskis will offer more pleasure at looking on a finished model;-)

    but thats just my opinion ;-)

    now to Nagato:
    indeed thats a beautifull model, but it's older and i think the design was made in old days style 'by hand', so it has many bad joints...but i've seen one built in past, and the smaller and bigger flaws can be with some experienceces and patience corrected.

  8. JHS

    JHS Member

    Thanks for the images, Highlander---do you know which company made the big BISMARCK right behind FUSO? Is that GPM's or is it Halinski's?
  9. Highlander

    Highlander Member


    Marko wrote:
    I saw the kit of Answers Fuso and I think it's extreme detailed too.

    Marko wrote:
    I think it's too early to tell that Answers offer has more advantages, because Halinskis offer doesn't exist yet.

    gian7675, sorry for OT

    JHS, it's Halinskis Bismarck, painted, with many small parts added, model by Tomasz Guz (by the way, it's the best cardmodel I've ever seen :) )

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


  10. JHS

    JHS Member

    That is truly a magnificent model. Painting card elevates it to level of any other type of ship model if the building is done well---as demonstrated by this beauty. Many thanks for the information, Leszek. Cheers, Jeff

    P.S. I am waiting for the Halinski FUSO. Your work on their YAMATO is inspiring me to get going on the model as the ship as it was in October 1944. I'm watching your progress for tips before I jump in after you! I'll be painting it so it will take me a good, long time to build!
  11. David H

    David H Member

    I would have to state a liking for the pre-refit Fuso...

    View attachment 12469

    View attachment 12468

    Which has an very European - even British look. While the later tower is an impressive structure I think the original was one sleek looking dreadnought!

    The refit was so graet I doubt the available kit would be more than a starting point for a model!

  12. JHS

    JHS Member

    It is definitely a scratchbuild!
  13. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Highlander: Bro, when you mean many parts added...these parts were add ons and not included in the kit?

    On the topic of add-ons and details, in Barry's Fuso build, are the deck clutter add-ons or part of Digital Navy's 1:250 Fuso kit?
  14. Highlander

    Highlander Member

    Originally Posted by gian7675

    Yes, that's I mean, parts made by modeler in his own way according to available documentation like books, pics, dravings etc. An enlargement :)

  15. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Thanks for the clarification :)

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