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  1. are there any 'support' items for 1/200 scale ships, like sailor figures, planes (both wwii and modern) etc?

    Sure would be nice. I know the figures would be very tiny but still would be good to have.
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  4. wow......some of those little figures are amazing!

    thanks for the links.

    Now what about little airplanes so that i don't have to go mad trying to make them out of paper?

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    The Preiser figures are very good in the smaller scales. They make some nice 1:48 pilot/ground crew figures which will go well with 1:50 scale aircraft.

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    Do you know this one?
    There, you'll find free downloads of a couple of planes: Hellcat, Avenger, Walrus, Emily, Raiden - all 1/200.
    I hope that helped.

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