1:18 and 1:14 Lamborghini Murcielago

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  1. Jim Lionmane

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    I thought I had seen this in this forum, but I cant find any evidence of it ever being posted here, so here it is ( If posted elsewhere, I apologize for the double posting):


    The dowload from this site is unfortunately EXTREEEEMMMEELY SLOW (about 1 byte/sec)

    As he has made the lamborghini, one could only hope he will also make the two other cars on his header: the GT40 and the Bugatti Veyron.

    By the way, the file contains parts to make a blue, an orange, a yellow, a yellow with stripes and two others wich I cant remember.

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    Jim Lionmane
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  3. Jim Lionmane

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    I knew I had seen it in here, I just didn't check that category.
    The site is faster now, and the download is about 100 KB/sec now. The site must have been swarmed last time I tried.

    Jim Lionmane

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