1:16 Space Shuttle flight deck

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  1. Tonino

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    A little update.
    Texture work is going on, slowly! As I feared this is a HUGE drawing work.

    This is to show you how I'm working O6_O9.WIP.jpg
    I have reduced to scale the original NASA diagram and then I put all the objects on it. The various components have to be drawn only once, then I can copy and paste them repeatedly. This speeds up the whole process but it's equally a long work. Then I have to make all the writings and lines one by one. Finally I add the fill color to the panels, turn text and lines color to white and... that's it!

    These are the completed panels so far...
    O5.jpg O9.jpg
    And, finally, a complete view of all the overhead section as it appears once assembled


    See you soon for the next update...
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  2. bigpetr

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    I can not wait to see it on the model. Fabulous.
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  3. zathros

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    What a "Greebling" canvas you have presented. The cluttered nature of all those toggle switches, dials, needles, and LEDs would make it look like the real one! :)
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  4. Tonino

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    I've just finished drawing overhead panels.
    Here are the last ones, the aft section.
    O13 and O14

    O15, O16 and O17

    and, last but not least, the little O19.

    All NASA schemes I have show TACAN commands. I have substitued all of them with GPS commands that was in use in during late missions (like the STS134 I'm working on)
    TACAN commands on O7 in NASA handbook scheme

    The corresponding spot on Endeavour panel

    And my panel...

    Finally a complete view of all overhead panels in their respective positions

    Now let's go with left panels...

    I start wondering if - after all - this was a good idea!

    Just kidding! I'll go straight toward the end of this epic work... :)
  5. Revell-Fan

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  6. Rhaven Blaack

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    These panels look PHENOMENAL!!!
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  8. SonOfAGun2501

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    I wish there was something more than a like button for this. We need to implement the Amazing button. :surprise::surprise::surprise:
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  9. zathros

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    I'd like to have the dashboard on my M.G. midget with buttons patterned after this. A button for every conceivable action!!, the triple redundancy!! (Anyone who has owned a British car knows this is not an outlandish idea. :) )
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  10. Tonino

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    This week I had to fight against front left consoles: boys they are very full of stuff! This especially for the big amount of graphic schemes drawn on them, a lot of drawing lines that I hope will be - at least - barely visible in the model. I also started working my first new parts to add detail where I want to have more of it...
    Screenshot 2016-10-16 19.34.52.jpg
    This is the L1 panel, the most complex I've drawn till now...

    Screenshot 2016-10-16 19.36.42.jpg
    This is the L2, I was forced to modify a little its contour shape (compared to NASA original drawing) to fit it the best way in the console part (the shape of underlying face was not exactly the same).

    Screenshot 2016-10-16 19.37.23.jpg
    L4 is the first of the various electrical panels. I didn't have a good photo of this one so I was forced to speculate a bit about the exact look and colour of the various fuses. I hope it's not too much different from the real one on the Endeavour.

    Screenshot 2016-10-16 19.37.50.jpg
    And this is the little L5. Here I started to imagine how to add some real 3D to the recessed panels like this one.

    Screenshot 2016-10-16 19.39.48.jpg
    Here are the two front left consoles in their respective positions. The white rectangle is the spot where is going to be placed the thrust/speed brake controller...

    Screenshot 2016-10-16 19.39.23.jpg
    And this my first customized component for the cockpit. I still don't know how is the fitting of this thing, I'm going to test it soon, currently I'm only drawing...

    Screenshot 2016-10-16 19.38.45.jpg
    And this is the wall between left front and left aft flight deck. I modified this piece because I didn't like the way it was unfolded. Added some detail and another custom object... to be test builded...

    This is all for today. Next part the front right consoles. Bye!
  11. zathros

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    Incredible!! :)
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  12. Tonino

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    Here are my last panels...
    Now doing right side near pilot's seat



    And both in place


    The R4 is on the middle wall on the side facing forward, just under the fire extinguisher


    And this is the full piece.


    I noted in Thorst's model that the side facing rear had a panel on it. That panel is the R7 (here in the NASA scheme) Anyone knows what this was for?
    However in Endeavour photos seems that this panel have been removed.
    Screenshot 2016-10-22 19.16.39.jpg
    So I redraw that surface according to the photo above.

    And this is my second original piece: the fire extinguisher (that I'm very proud of... )

    The only decent image I've found depicting the extinguisher is this one taken on the Discovery:
    And this one obtained zooming on a Endeavour photo taken from outside, thru the window
    Starting from those photo and comparing them to images of other extinguishers (from the same manufacturer) found on the web I tried to obtain a reasonable copy of the one that should have been present on Endeavour.

    That's all for now. See you soon!
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  13. Tonino

    Tonino Member

    ...I just couldn't resist... I HAD to build something...
    Here it is: my absolutely first original shuttle part... nice isn't it?

    DSC08091.JPG DSC08092.JPG
  14. Ponytail2

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  15. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Are you going to greeble the panels or just leave them as printed texture?
    I like the fire extinguisher! I did a GOOD JOB on it!
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  16. Revell-Fan

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  17. Tonino

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    RB... I'm definitely not thinking about leave the panels without some greebling. I'm planning to do something even worse than only add some layers and holes to "move" the surfaces... but I don't think the work will be done this century... :eek: (see this to have an idea...)
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  18. Rhaven Blaack

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    WOW!!! :surprise::surprise::surprise:
    That is going to be a GREAT DEAL OF WORK!!! :eek::eek::eek:
    I commend you on your ambitions for this project! I just hope that you do not go CUCKOO for Coco Puffs!:hammerhead::headbange:
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  19. Tonino

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    :D if, at a certain point, you see me doing strange things, please alert my wife!
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