1/144 Swiss Acrobatic Team

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by shika, Apr 3, 2013.

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  3. shika

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    Dear Cafe,

    That would be great.

    I actually already did the build test of NF-5A Turkish star.
    Along with F-16/A4 Singapore black knight and Alphajet Patrouille de France.
    All maquette papier. Originally 1/66, I reduce to 1/144.

    Best regards,


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  4. cafe

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    I'll see if I do it over the weekend. :)

    If you go up a few comments in that thread, you'll also find a 1:200 T-38A in Thunderbirds colours. Retired_for_now upscaled it to 1:90 and did some edits so it would be less boxy. You'll find the revised version at PM in the download section (it's under aviation/military). He also added the tails for making the whole team as my original only had #1 and #5.
  5. shika

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    Wow this is reaaly great ^^
    Thank you very much.
    T-38 would be a nice add.
    Well, nobody do T-33 & F-4 Thunderbirds so far. :p
  6. Revell-Fan

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    Wow! And they are flying in formation! :mrgreen:
    I assume the figure in the last pic is very complicated to perform...! :mrgreen:

    Just kidding - great build(s)! And the blue background really looks like the sky. :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  7. zathros

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    Shika, your skill is getting better and better! You are so consistent in your models. Great workmanship and patience. :)
  8. cafe

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    That Singapore F-16 looks good!

    The only Thunderbirds Phantom I've ever seen was a manual recolor (using markers) of the Fiddlersgreen blank template.

    The 1:144 resizes of my old Turkish Stars NF-5A & B and Thunderbirds T-38s have been added to the download section. Their awaiting approval by a moderator.

    (hopefully, they're actually in 1:144... I took the dimensions of the box around the models, divided by 144 and multiplicated by 200... It actually fits the 139% resizing factor the FG scale calculator gave me)
  9. shika

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    Thanks Revell-Fan, actually, many of my friends told me they're like beautiful fish [Koi, carp fish] in the pond. sign1.

    Thanks Zathros, long time no see ^^.

    Merci Boucoup [Thank you very much] Cafe. ^ ^

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