1/144 Saturn V LUT

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by umtutsut, Oct 20, 2006.

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  2. ekuth

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    Have not seen this kit or designer before, but it sure looks nice!

    Of course, if you dont want to shell out the $40.00 he's asking, check out:


    It may not be as detailed, but it's free! :wink:
  3. NYC Irish

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    I picked the kit up last month and was impressed with it. (what can say Fall is all about NASA this season)

    To me its seems to be a kit developed from the computer graphics from a VR game like Doom, the pieces are hazy at points but on a stand off scale its very good..very very goodits almost like someone took the graphics from google Earth or filight sim game and mapped them to paper. The idea is great, the execution is colour toner so cracks will develop when you score.... but the paper selected is a very glossy 80gm paper...definetly not card and i think its not suitable at all.

    The kit I think is about the best thing around as far as reference for a scratch buildbut..I dont think I will build it in its current form

    John JOhn
  4. obwand10

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    don't really like the paper
  5. rayl

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    I ahve started this project, but decided to start using Plastistruct stripas and angles instead of the paper: It's going to get costly.
  6. ronin175

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    Thanks for the link to the model, much appriciated.
  7. obwand10

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    note of caution-when joining levels 1-3 it will sag, and the vertical griders arent too strong. heres mine, but though it's not obvious, the sag IS there..

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