1/144 Paper plane RTAF Nieuport 11 "Bebe"

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  1. shika

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    1/144 Paper Plane,
    Originally from 1/48 bankww2, PaperModelers.com

    RTAF Nieuport "Bebe", the first fighter plane in Thailand.

    After WWI RTAF bought 4 Nieuport 11 "Bebe" from France.

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  2. Zathros

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    Good first try, but you need to do this one again. these kinds of airplanes are really good to build. They are difficult to do. To make them look right takes a lot patience. I suggest you look at some of the bi-planes done in this forum. you could always use this one as a "crashed" plane in a diorama!

    You also may want to try enlarging it, so you can built it easier. Make the wings level, strive to make the plane look like the real one by looking at pictures of the real one. Post build threads, not just the finished picture. If you don't know how to do something, we will show you. Learn you an aircraft works. If both ailerons were pointing down in an aircaft, you would never get off the ground, if you were in the air and that happened, you would probably not be able to land, and die. You might be able to land if you rudder worked really well, and he ailerons were "flapping in the wind", tough call.

    The paper you used on the cowl, the part behind the propeller was either too thick, or you did not cut the "petals" enough.

    Good try though. Start from the beginning again. Make sure that fuselage is lined up perfect before you fold it and finally glue it. Make sure the wings are not sloppy, but straight and true, same with the tail section. A folded over elevator like that would be indicative of structural failure. These aircraft were really made out of tubing, or wooden frames, with cloth over it. The cloth was treated with a chemical which made it very tight. having separated seams on the frames means you should have redone the fuselage (main body) of the plane.

    Most of all, don't rush it, take your time.a rushed plane looks like a rush job.

    You have all the signs of becoming a great modeller, now, it's time to start paying attention to detail! The pictures below gives you an example of how tight one of these little biplanes can be made.

    You are capable of doing that, I know, from seeing your last few models! :)


  3. shika

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    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
    I normally built paper plane with instruction.
    Without one, I only look at the picture and guess.
    And yes 1/144 is too small but as my squadron is 1/144
    Other scale will be too large when put them together.

    Anyway I guess you are right I might need to get
    Start biplane build with larger scale first.
    Once I master, I will try 1/144 again.

    Thanks again.


    Shika ^ ^
  4. Zathros

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    Looking at the Jets you have made, I think you can make anything you put your time into! :)
  5. shika

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    Dear Zathros,

    I think I need instruction for Biplane.

    How to put the first layer of wing and the top layer and it is not collapse?


  6. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I should suggest either using tissue paper, or, take a pencil and shape the wings so they have a real airfoil shape, then, take a tiny box and slip it into there. That will prevent the wing from collapsing, and make it much stronger. You are using the box as a main spare.

    I drew up a picture to show you what I mean. :)

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