1/144 j-10 & l-39

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  1. shika

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    China PLAAF J-10 Vigorous Dragon & L-39 Albatross
    Paragon Cards model, scaled down to 1/144

    For J-10, the developers said it's develop from Israel Lavi and F-16.

    Yeah, I can see a lot of component from F-16, then add canard and just shift
    Bottom fins to the back side.

    China even sell this jet fighters to Pakistan.

    In my humble opinion, I think China now try to copy for fast development but still lag. But as China get a lot of money from export, in near future (Maybe 20-30 years) China might become major player in Jet fighter industry.

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  2. shika

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    I will have to take care of my wife and kids full time. So, I'll be away from all kinds of model for a while.

    I'll be back next year.

    ^ ^
  3. Zathros

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    Take care Shika, don't forget about us, we pray all is good. Wife and family are the best thing in the world!
  4. warren61

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    Take care Shika and we'll welcome your return next year my friend.
  5. freddyman

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    nice aircraft. i too wish luck to you and hope everything will be alright in the future. see you next year
  6. MilanX3

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    Great J-10..sexy plane indeed. Have a good new year in that case, Happy Holydays to you and your family!

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