1:120 build of SAM-2

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by airbob, Dec 10, 2006.

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    Your incredible teeny-tiny versions of 1:33 and 1:48 kits are simply brilliant! All I can assume is that you are actually only a foot and a half tall so they seem large to you - LOL. Please, please let us see the B-52 when it is done!
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    Righteous Build!!

    Bob: That build of the SA-2 is downright righteous, especially in 1:120 scale!

    How did it go together for you? Did you find many fit problems in downsizing it? It REALLY looks good!

  4. barry

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    Those 1/120 models look brilliant do I take it that the B52 will be 1/120 as well. Look forward to seeing the build thread hint hint

    best wishes

  5. airbob

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    Thanks for the complements...the fit on this kit was good...of course the color was completely redone...and I think now approaches the color of the picture...the assembly illustrations only cover 80% of the build....so since I don't read Polish and really did not want to do pages and pages of translation...I tried to "read between the lines"...for the build...so I am happy with the final build at 1:120 and feel it gives a rather realistic look at what these units looked like during the Vietnam War...buy the way I was there spending most of my time just outside of Bien Hoa AB in an Army Signal Unit...most of my unit was draftees...The B-52 will be the 1:33 Polish version....I think there will be some fit problems...but it has alrady been scanned....and I will "dummy-down" the original color...since I feel it is too brillant and needs a little weathering....cheers for now!!! :p
  6. s300vm

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    I don't know how I can use 13a of missle. please help me.
    thank you.
    may english is not good.:-D
  7. s300vm

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    please hlep me. please
  8. airbob

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    I don't know what you are asking?.....please clarify your request...
  9. s300vm

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    sorry. my english is not good.
    the sa-2 of maly modelarz includes missle and installation. i want to ask about the missle. the 13-a part is in the missle. but i don't know how i can use (join, fit) it(13a) to the missle. where can i stuff 13-a to and how?
  10. airbob

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    part 31a

    This is the translation that I got from the Polish translation site,...see if this helps?!....

    13 Czesci, 13. Rest of (support of) beam prpwadnicy. Fold stick together jai, for (after) 13 czum zagieta czesc przyklezamy. On front rest (support) meidzy tago ksztaltu wystepv sciance nozki. We stick beams in meant place base at the bottom so Podpore prowadnicy, at omission of beam hinged (suspended) on to proper in forepart at ease 5 any nozka lozu prowadnicy wchodzila otwor loza.
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    part 13,13a

    this is the scanned polish section dealing with this part...anybody out there read Polish...:oops:

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    part 13a!!!

    Krys from "Paper Model Store" was very gracious to translate this section:....Krys you have just been hired as the:

    o.k i think this go like this
    Parts 13, 13a. Support for steering bar. Fold and glue it (part 13?), after which glue the folded part 13a, between the same shape sticking out from the front wall of the base of the support. Glue the base to the support bar in the indicated place on the bottom of the steering support bar, so that the leg of the lowered hanging bar on the bed moves freely in the correct opening in the front of part (bed) 5.
  13. s300vm

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    thanks for your help.:-D
    :???: but i want to know about the 13a of missle not of installation.

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