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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by SAustin16, Oct 3, 2006.

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    Good Evening to All,

    I'm rather new to the Forums, so I don't know if this has been mentioned previously.

    I model in both plastics and paper, and I was checking out the Accurate Models website. (I'd post their website URL, but I don't know if that's proper here.)They're currently working on a mixed media 1:12 Gemini spacecraft, and have created a mock-up using David Weeks' drawings. David is quite the noted space modeller as I'm sure most of you know, and I thought this would make quite a nice highly detailed card model project.

    Modelling the entire Gemini-Titan II booster/spacecraft would really be something in 1:12. Realspace markets Mr. Weeks' drawings for a nominal charge for those of you who are interested.

    Just thought you might want to check it out.


  2. Bengt F

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    Accurate Models Gemini Spacecraft

    Hi SAustin,

    Thanks for the link to Accurate Models - it is an interesting site.
    I am especially interested in the detailed pictures of the Mercury "Friendship 7" capsule - I will use these for detailing on a card model build:
    I am currently building a heavily upscaled version (size A3) of the Delta 7/Fiddlers Green card model. I have also recoloured it from the strange dark blue colour to grey-black.
    Furthermore, I will add Erik te Groen´s (Philippus Landsbergen site) and Ton Noteboom´s (Jon Leslie´s site) parts for the red escape tower and Ton´s detailed jet engine pack parts.

    All the best,
    Bengt :grin:
  3. SAustin16

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    Good Evening Bengt,

    Thank you for your reply. Sorry for the delay in responding, but we have family in town this week...I haven't been getting home until after 9pm.

    Good luck on your Mercury build. I have the plastic Atomic City Mercury in my closet ready to go, but I'm trying to do more research before I begin construction. What I find fascinating are the details, such as the color coded instrument panel and other human factors concepts they implemented.

    After seeing yours and the other card modelers' work, I think I'll start leaning more towards paper / card models from now on. DHanners especially is inspirational for me in the amount of 3D detail he adds to his models. I can't tell whether they are plastic or paper. I love being able to see details down to the bolts and rivets...and with my 46 year old eyes, 1:12 scale works really well for me now.

    Again, good luck with your project. I'm hoping you'll post pictures when you are complete?

  4. Bengt F

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    Mercury Friendship 7 Project

    Hi SAustin,

    Thanks for your kind reply. I promise I´ll post a picture or two, when the Mercury is finished, whenever that will be.

    It is amazing what kind of quality can be produced in paper modelling. There is a range of different paper coatings and surfaces, metal foil tapes or metallic papers (like the ones from Red River) and other materials that can be combined to make very realistic-looking models, in any scale.
    If you are not a 'paper purist', that is - and want to construct every last detail (for example wheels) out of layers of paper. I haven´t reached this level of perfection yet, though.
    I also like the larger modelling scales, like 1:32/33, 1:24, 1:16 and 1:12. My eyesight at close distances has become very poor (I´m actually 53 years young soon, come December 4th) but I have the advantage of being near-sighted. For medium distances, I have a pair of glasses which are a bit weaker and for distances even closer, I simply remove them altogether. But for really small details, I combine the weaker pair with a 'head-set' of jeweller´s enlarging glasses, with two different pairs of magnifying lenses. This works especially fine for scissor-cutting of very small round or really tiny paper details.
    I´ve had my eyes on the 1:12 scale Atomic City Mercury capsule & tower set for some time and I was very close to buying it at one point. I just don´t know where to put the big box, with card models and wooden RC model planes in 1:6, 1:5 (and even one in 1:4) scale in various stages of construction all over the place. (My wife is beginning to have opinions on this, and she´s right of course - maybe I should have a separate 'model studio' beside our house). And, I would also have to get a suitable colour spraying equipment and some appropriate colours for those kind of models.

    And yes, the work of the talented builders and paper artists both on this (very active) Forum and one of our 'sister Forums', Kartonbau.de, is amazing and indeed very inspirational.
    My problem is I have started to many projects which just aren´t 'completely finished' - I sometimes get stuck on small details or problems or have to take a break for some other activity and I sometimes wonder if I´ll ever get any of the more ambitous projects finished at all.
    There are so many new and interesting models coming out all the time - one of the latest, which immeditately caught my attention was the wonderful 1:96 scale card model of the unmanned Russian "Buran" space shuttle. I have enlarged and printed it out (in roughly 1:72) and I think I´ll have to build that one alongside my "Atlantis" shuttle project, also in 1:72 scale.

    A couple of the most inspirational card modellers for me is Eric Goedkoop and his scratch built 1:48 scale early aeroplanes (have you seen his scratch building tutorial, in the Parts Bin or at the AerodromeForum?) and also Joseph Fuchs of Vienna, with his amazing paper wizardry at http://www.kartonbau.de/ where he has published a lot of fine pictures of heavy metal tanks in card with metal looking paper engines and the like. Quite incredible - take a look at "fuchsjos" at this site. Also, my Swedish card modelling fellow Leif Ohlsson of Gothenburg, who makes fine models in the 'standard museum scale' of 1;16 as well as incredibly detailed miniature planes, is always also a well of inspiration and great knowledge, especially regarding airplane history and different types.

    I think and hope you´ll find that card modelling doesn´t have to supplant plastic modelling, which is an art form in itself (I attend IPMS shows now and then) but rather that it is another exciting medium which adds many new possibilities to scale modelling.
    For example have I discovered that paper and card can indeed be used with great advantage as a complement in traditional R/C scale modelling, in much larger scales. On example is Richard Schulten´s incredible WW I rotary engine card models, which have attracted attention in for example the AerodromeRC Forum: http://www.bengco.net/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1158174112

    Good luck with your model projects!

    Best regards,
    Bengt :smile:
  5. I too am a convert from plastic to paper. I have have developed a paper forming technique that can achieve the kind of detail we all enjoy. I thought of getting the Atomic Merc myself and using the parts as molds for paper forming. By combining the detailed outer skin with the card model interior it would be the best combo and stay true to the paper medium. It is all very do-able. By the way I envy your 53 year YOUNG eyes. I hit 61 this year so they don't get any better in the next 10 years.
  6. SAustin16

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    Good Evening Timhinds,

    The ideas for paper forming that are coming across in these forums is really interesting. I'm hoping to see some pictures of your progress, especially the shingles, and how they're assembled.

    As for your eyes, my wife (approximately the same age as Bengt) just had the Crystal Lens procedure performed on both of her eyes. She's been wearing glasses since she was around 12 years old...no more glasses or contacts. Her vision is 20/15 now...never better. She is really happy ... and a much safer driver also.

    Hope to see your results here one of these days.
  7. send me an e-mail and I will send you some. Pics too big for the forums new standard

    actually check out this site and some are posted there

  8. SAustin16

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    Saw your pictures on Builders...EXCELLENT work. That must feel like quite an accomplishment to create something so detailed and realistic with paper.

    I'll keep an eye on that site.
  9. Yes it does. My wife said I was obsessed with it. I spent every free moment for 2 weeks getting it down. But now I hope others will join me so I won't feel completey mad. Molds can be easy to make. It can be as easy as building up a flat surface with pieces of mat board and then vacuum forming over it. So I want to see what others can come up with to make it even easier. Perhaps some new materials etc.
  10. SAustin16

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    Many times I'm the same way...once I get something in my head, it's the only thing I can think about until it's complete.

    With all the brain power on this Card Model site, I too want to see what people come up with. I'm also trying to think of applications for my projects.

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