1:1000 Scale Battlemechs WIP / Release

Discussion in 'Gaming & Toys' started by Tirick, Jul 13, 2012.

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    These look great! I'm becoming more and more of a stickler for having everything in-scale. My Star Trek models that I've put together are 1/2500 and will be making paper models at similar scale. Always had a soft spot for Battletech too, so I will be trying my hand at some of these tiny, terrific models also.
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    I am still gasping for air, how do you manage to build at such a small scale ?
  3. The_Hawk

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    WOW tried to do just few of these and my fingers just cramped up,

    Hats off to you they are great little models, Luckly (for me and my fingers) I have a little stash of the plastic & metal mini's of these.

    I have been in to Battletech for well to long its great to see it still alive!!

    Thanks for sharing your work it looks great
  4. Arbiter Bri

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    this is awesome, never seen cardmodels this small, well some starwars ones, but thats it. these are amazing! how do you do it so small? :O
  5. The_Hawk

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  7. Tirick

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    I have really taken a long sabbatical...

    Right. Timberwolf. I have finally built this iconic Omnimech, and am proud to add it to my (slowly) growing collection of 1:1000 scale mechs.


    It is tiny, but ferocious, shown here with a 'normal' scale Battletech miniature Catapult.


    And at last; the two mech's whose elements provided for the Inner Sphere's designation for it: MAD CAT. (no I did not design the Marauder, although it was scaled WAY down from its 1:40 design)


    The Hunchback is next; it has been sitting, partially textured, for months.

    As to Mechbays, expect future releases. I am nearly done my roads set, which will nicely compliment my City Walls. Structures (including perhaps a mech repair/construction yard) are next, although likely to be City buildings first.

  8. ThunderChild

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    Supercool! Nice work

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