1/100 Trotskiy models

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  1. I've built a couple of Mr Trotskiy's fine models over the past few months in the hopes of luring him back (sort of like those Pacific Islanders who made up wicker airplanes to curry the favor of the big metal birds who had visited them in the past). Doesn't appear to be working so far. I hope all is well with him.

    I reduced them to 1/100 scale, and built them as display models, rather than as flat wing gliders. Both are depicted "in flight", mounted on Fiddler's Green bases with National flags and a sky 'n clouds texture.

    First the Vichy Curtiss Hawk


    And a Mig-3

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    Nice job on those models! (and I like the islander analogy sign1) I do hope he is okay, and that his site will be back up soon.
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    nice build
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    thanks for the Base.
    If you ever have that again, I would like it if you send them to me.:mrgreen:
    and also thank Edi for the model

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    What would you do?
    I build planes gladly in the service of other states.
    Would you printed on the stand, the flag of the manufacturing country or in whose service it is?
  6. Your Bloch 152 looks great! You've done my base proud. To answer your question, I usually put the flag/insignia/coat of arms of the country that the specific aircraft is serving under on the top of the base. Squadron or air regiment emblems could be done also. Here's my model of the 1/100 kampfflieger Vultee Vengeance with the coat of arms of the RAAF.



    I could have just added a plaque that said "Vultee Vengeance", but I wanted to do something different.

    On the bottom of the base, I put info about the airplane and the model (date, scale, modeler, designer, etc). Country of manufacture could be included as well.
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    Oh thank you! I like it but so beautiful as you can i not. When I insert what is always kind of fuzzy.
    But I'll make it just as you or at least the flag of the country in whose service the aircraft is used.
    Thank you!
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