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    I'm planning on building a diorama/gameboard (For Flames of War) from Call of duty 2, based on the town in the "Silo" mission. Is it possible to grab meshes from the game to make into simple houses? I've no experience at all in these matters, is it a difficult thing to do? even just being able to grab basic outlines or an overhead map/view of the town would be a huge help.

    Anyone out there clever with these things?

    there are only 8 -10 major buildings in the town, but my attemps so far to map everything out using screen grabs have been mediocre at best.
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    Sometimes its possible, sometimes it isnt :) hows that for helpful! I know several designers that get good starts this way but how is beyond me! I am sure someone will chime in - kinds requires them to have the game though.... WHat platform is it on? PC?
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    Is it a pc game version you got if so then go to the map or pictures of the buildings and press pause then Prt Sc then open photoshop and paste in there. i done it with this one from a you tube video i found of the silo mission. don't know if they have the map one it do but that is what i would do for diarams. i do this at times with google earth in fact for my little war games. I know a thriller writer who uses google earth in fact and does print screens to figure out would it be a good location for his stories.

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    thanks so far. The Silo mission isn't featured as one of the multiplayer maps, otherwise this would be much easier, because you can do a "spectator" view of them. Might have to do a different town.......
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    ive got the game let me load it and see waht i can get out of it.
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    WOOT. Much appreciated.

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