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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Al hazlet, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. Al hazlet

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    I've just posted three pictures of German WWII invasion gliders into my personal album. My apologies for the poor quality of the images, it was a free webcam, and worth every penny I spent.

    I made some game-quality gliders last fall for a WWII German Invasion of Malta game at a game convention in Texas.
    For troop carriers I made ten DFS-230 assault gliders, from the free download at:
    To carry (light) artillery I scratchbuilt a half-dozen Gotha Go-242 medium gliders, and to carry two Marder tank destroyers I scratchbuiltbuilt an Me-321 Gigant.

    I also made the hangers, revetments, and outbuildings visible in the background of the first picture.[/url]
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    Very nice gliders. About a year ago I ran a Normandy Invasion game at a convention where I used 8 of the Fiddlersgreen CG-4s. They are easy to build and the price sure was right. They look very good too. I love your scratch build Go-242 and Me-321. Do you have more details on how you made them? Are they made of paper?
  3. Al hazlet

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    Go-242 and Me-321

    They are both paper -- the Gothas were printed on 110lb card on my deskjet printer, the Gigant I printed on the plotter at school (the wings are too long for an 8.5x11 page).

    For the Gotha I was inspired by seeing the CG-4 and Horsa gliders at Fiddlers Green, and wanted to make a medium glider for the German forces in our game. I found a 3-view in a book of german aircraft, and blew it up in Photoshop. I cut, pasted, zoomed, and cropped the image to make a model out of it. Finally, I colored it following the color scheme of the DFS gliders, green above and speckled blue below. The image is crude-- it's a game model, not anything like the beauties I see here. I will post the final version and the 3-view so you can see.

    I had been thinking about making a Gigant for a while-- It just seemed wrong to drop German paras without armor support, and then I found an RC modeler's website describing his electric-powered Me-323, and the illustrated story of his project (sorry, I've lost the link, but I found it on Yahoo Search, so it's there if you seek it out). I also found a pair of reference books on the Me-321 and 323 (the powered version).

    Armed with an example and references, I tooled up in Photoshop. I made a white copy to fit-test, which showed me I needed to go bigger, and also that my nose was messed up. I made the next on the plotter at school.
    The nose and cockpit problem was solved by making them out of a plug of florist's foam (the green foam that florists put in vases to hold water and to stick stems into). The florists foam is so flimsy I could shape it by hand pressure, 'sanding' it into shape with the friction of my fingerprints... Once I'd gotten the shape right, I glued it into place with white glue and then coated the foam with white glue as well (it soaked into the foam and made a harder, durable skin.
    The markings had gotten distorted in the scaling-up of the views, and I had to paint the nose anyway, so I spray-painted the model, first white primer all over, then green on the upper surfaces and fuselage. The paint and glue on the nose did not set well, so the windows were done with black paper cut to shape and glued in position, and matchstick pieces cut to shape made the landing skids.
    There's really no plan for this one-- I scaled up images to the right size, cut and glued them together, then painted it to hide the lines...

    Since the game designers had only provided the small DFS gliders, none of the Allied players in the game expected to see anything as large as the Gothas, and when the Gigant appeared in mid-game, you could hear them all over the main hall of the convention...

    After the con, I sold off all of the gliders for a pittance to buy more Russian figures for my own forces (including a trio of 85mm antiaircraft guns, in case these ever show up in a game I'm playing...)

    Since then I've constructed a 1:100 Hs129 attack plane, and I'm working on scratchbuilding a Russian TB-3 bomber, but they are both done in balsa block, because the paper versions came out badly. The TB-3 fuselage warped three times (It twists toward the stern, so that the stabilizers are square to the aft fuselage but nearly 15degrees out of alignment with the forward fuselage...). This may be subtle flaws in my model, or glue errors, or both, but I didn't like the weakness of the paper model either.
    I may go back to it eventually with an internal framework, like some of the models I've seen here. I just like the look of the TB-3; the two pilots in an open cockpit, a pulpit gun position on the nose, just a big gawky-looking plane...
  4. Ron

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    Those are some great looking gliders :) I never realized that card models played a significant role in war gaming. Would you guys be interested in a separate forum here just for gaming models? I'd be happy to set it up for you. Only thing is, we'd need a moderator... any takers?

    All the best

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    You already have a forum called "Gaming and gaming accessories". No moderator is listed.
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    Omigosh..., pulled a Bullwinkle....,

    Best, Gil
  7. Ron

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    Damn!!!! :)

    My oops. I get too carried away at times.

  8. weisswurst

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    The florists foam was a great idea. I never would have thought of that. Don't you love it when you totally surprise the players in your game with something like your Gigant? If you don't mind sharing your files, I would love to make and use these in a game. My mail address is albrighter@juno.com. Michcon (in Detroit) is this weekend so maybe I would use them in the Toledo convention or Michcon next year. I'd have to blow them up to 1/72 as that is the scale I game in but that should not be that big of a problem and if I make any changes, I would of course sent you copies of the files. Nice job, I am very impressed.
  9. Al hazlet

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    I've posted the images to you as collected pdfs because yahoo mail didn't like them as individual files.

    Alex h
  10. weisswurst

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    Thanks, I got the files. I'm going to re-work the Gotha and will send you a copy when I'm done. The Gigant is just to big. I, unfortunately don't have access to a plotter. If you make any other paper gaming supplies, keep us informed and post photos.

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