1.1 scale Tie Interceptor

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by gearheadjoe, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. gearheadjoe

    gearheadjoe New Member

  2. Quietstorm

    Quietstorm New Member

    :thumb: Holy cow!
  3. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Yeah, the by the time I got halfway through the video, I clicked on another link, then another, then another, and ended watching a guy holding some elongated mummified heads from Machu Picchu! There's probably an app for stopping that!

    I like the idea of a father and daughter ding something like that. Kind of neat seeing something built that big. Of course, even with my 24" monitor, it's still not as big as the one I see on my projector when I watch the movies. Makes you realize how ridiculous the design is, but hey, that's Star Wars!! :)
  4. gbwdude

    gbwdude Member

    Man oh man would I love to have this! Now to see this thing in operation...

  5. Bhelliom

    Bhelliom Member

    Not quite the same thing, but I did find a video of an R/C version after watching the full-scale model video. Too bad the big one needs so much external support.

    Then there was the near-full-scale R/C Superman vid I saw today...

    Scott K.
  6. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    The R/C Superman is really cool and really , at certain angles, it let's you see what that might actually look like. There's a much longer link of those guy's doing a couple of Super Heroes in N.Y.C. and causing quite a stir, and 1000's of phone calls. :)
  7. Bhelliom

    Bhelliom Member

    I just came across yet another TIE Interceptor today. I couldn't afford it, but thought someone out there might be interested. If you have a Hallmark greeting card store near you, all of this past season's collectable Christmas ornaments are 50% off. The store I was in today had several TIE Interceptors still available (around 4-5 inches[101.6-127mm]), as well as a couple of other Trek and Wars ornaments.

    I did manage to get a Disney Nautilus from 2011 for 75% off, though, lights up, too.

    Scott K.
  8. eagleclaw4935

    eagleclaw4935 New Member

    That thing is off the chain!That would get a double take from George Lucas.
  9. owenkid

    owenkid New Member

    thats amazing, but wheres the xwing huh?
  10. bl1tzz

    bl1tzz New Member

    that was really great
  11. Mr_Cookie

    Mr_Cookie New Member

    That's huge.....

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